The Passing Of The Flag

Each year, when Larry and I go to Kaua’i, we celebrate what we call, The Passing Of The Flag.

Photo: 2022 flag

We hike a moderate trail in the canyon and at the top there is a lean-to where we tack a new American flag and a note. The note invites a Veteran or anyone who would like to pass the flag to a Veteran, to take the flag.

We pass this flag in honor of my beloved Uncle, Bruce who was a Marine and served in the Korean War. After The Uncle died, we started what we call, The Passing The Flag, while on Kauai.

This year while away on vacation, I fell. My left leg is a bit messed up right now and I was unable to hike while on the Island. Larry and I had to revert to plan B.

One night, we had reservations at Tidepools, a wonderful restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Poip’u. Upon arriving we noticed a man in the lobby selling jewelry. He was around 90 years old and wore a Navy Veteran hat. At dinner, we decided that this gentleman is who we would pass the flag along to…..

Photo; Dinner at Tidepools. Grand Hyatt, Poip’u

A day later, the flag was passed to the Veteran in honor of Bruce Stevenson, my Uncle. It is always greatly sentimental for me and wonderful at the same time.

I miss my Uncle and this way, we can do something to honor him yearly.

Love you beyond the moon.


Wherever You Are

When my father betrayed and denied me,

His brother, my uncle, came into my life.

My uncle did not have a relationship with his brother either.

Photo: My Uncle Bruce

Together he and Larry supported me when things looked grim.

The funny thing is, his presence felt as natural as if he had always been in my life.

I survived. Everything was/is ok.

{thanks to two special men in my life}

I cannot believe that Bruce has been gone 8 years.

That awful day {March 10},  feels like yesterday

and I miss him every day.

Uncle Bruce, wherever you are

Thank you for being you.

I love you.