Jumping On The Bed

I have been cleaning out the cottage.

Starting with the guest room and closet.

I threw 1/3 of the stuff away

donated 1/3 rd


1/3 is organized  and happy.

It has been interesting how people react to this purge.

It is stinky job.

 I should have done it last year but put it off.

One of the things I am not parting with is

this photo of the UGLY sweater contest, 2017.

Photo: Ugly Sweater Contest 2017

left to right:

Lauren, Josh, Matilda Dima, Salma,  Ayah, Levi,

Robin & Larry holding Ellie puppy.

Larry and I did not put up any decorations this year

but we LOVE this holiday. Christmas.

Maybe the UGLY sweater is our decoration of choice.

{the idea of that makes me laugh}

Photo: Ayah and Matilda jumping on my bed.

After the ugly sweater contest

the little girls jumped on the bed.

Jumping on a bed is one of the joys of childhood.

How long has it been since you jumped on a bed?

Love you.