Happy Friday!


I went  to book club.


It was a lovely lunch, with wonderful ladies.

Conversation was lively


the food was delicious.


This morning, I slept in.

And…..I made the funkiest stack of pancakes.

I ate almost 1/2 of the stack.

They were not so good. {Bisquick mix. BLA!}

It is a beautiful morning


I must work on Jamison’s coat.

{it is progressing well!}

Photo: Jami’s coat and lining.

and tonight I have a dinner date with the man.

I think that I love Fridays.

Tonight is Twelfth Night.

That always makes me smile.

Maybe I will buy a Kings Cake for dessert tonight?

Time for me to get busy.

Love you beyond the moon.


Drafty Cottages and Warm Sweaters

Larry and I both love Thursdays and

we believe that our weekend starts there.

Last Thursday was Twelfth Night and

we took the wreath off of the front door.

We also took down the Christmas Cards that hung on ribbons.

Christmas is officially done, till next year,

On Friday, it snowed!

The deck greeted me on Saturday morning

with its solemn, geometrical, zen way.

How wonderful it is to have a taste of winter once and awhile.

The Cottage gets drafty and I wear warm sweaters

to cuddle under blankets and read.

On Saturday night, we bundled up

and met friends for dinner.

The company was charming


we talked over wine late into the evening….it was lovely.

Sunday was Dinner and a Movie.

Now that we are home from France and the holidays are over,

It is time to get back to normal.

{whatever that is}

Sunday, dinner and a movie: A Tolbert tradition since 2003.

It never evolves. We try to switch things up sometimes


when we try to change it…it always backfires in some way.

People message me, email me and if they are friends

call me, to ask what movie is showing this Sunday.

It makes me smile.

Yesterday, Sunday dinner and a movie


Roasted salmon, rice and green beans.

The wine was Blindfold.

Dessert was, drum roll please….

A rum cake made with the

bee hive cake pan Matilda gave me for Christmas.

For our viewing pleasure, we watched.

The Wind and The Lion.

It is a historical movie….filmed in 1975, set in 1903.

 Brian Keith played Teddy Roosevelt and we liked it very much.

If you are wondering where I got the perfect roses

that have graced my photos all weekend,

they were a gift from dear friends.

They arrived last week and have been a constant reminder

to My Larry and I how lucky we

are to have Karen & John in our lives.

I have noticed that during the most agonizing times,

special people have come into my life.

Karen & John.

Karen et John, vous êtes les amis les plus étonnants. Merci.

We love you.

Have a blessed day today.

Maybe take a moment to say hello to an old friend,

or check on a neighbor?

{I plan to do both}

Love you.