The Best Example

On Saturday, Larry and I went to the country to see Matilda, It was “ART In The Garden” day. For months, Matilda and I have been making and crafting different ART projects. We plan to auction all the art , with proceeds going to St Jude Hospital in Memphis. Please look for our auction soon?

While visiting Matilda, she asked if she could play the piano for us. She is playing so well and one song in particular moved Larry very much. Larry asked Lauren if they might video her playing the song and could we post it on The Blog today? The video is below…..

Larry wanted us all to be reminded that we are all one and we need to accept each other for exactly who we are.

I hope that you enjoy Matilda’s mini concert…The children are our future. We need to set the best example that we can.

Love you beyond the moon.