Thanksgiving In September

It is September.

The days are getting shorter,

the weather is changing


the hot oppressive summer is almost over.

Yesterday, Larry and I celebrated


Photo: Small table set for Thanksgiving In September

I roasted a 13 pound turkey,

and served all of the trimmings.

Larry made the mashed potatoes.

{they were perfection}

With dinner, Larry put the movie,


He loves the soundtrack, for dinner especially.

{Phillip Glass is a favorite}

We are thankful for so much this year.

My favorite quote from the movie, No Reservations is:

“I wish there was a recipe for life”


I certainly could use a Life Recipe these days.


Yesterday while roasting the turkey,

I finished a knitted bolero for Matilda.

It is a funny, bumpy knitted shrug…

Photo: Knitted bolero for Matilda

and it will go with a dress that I am making her.

I have promised to post photos  of the dress when it is finished.


I wish you warm bolero’s for cool days,

special moments,

crushing hugs


a recipe for your day.

Love you.


Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving 2016 was so much fun. The amazing spirit of this holiday was shared by my cousin and her friend from Roma. Larry and I were trilled to host them in the Prais apartment for Champagne and nibblies, then on to Le Grand Colbert for dinner. We  visited like old friends, laughed, enjoyed the Paris  night….and laughed a lot. Most of all, we were thankful. There are so many blessings for us all this year.

img_6060This shot is blurry, we think  Larry had started drinking the wine before us.

Le Grand Colbert is named after Jean Colbert. Here is his half bust.


Our food was very good, service charming and we made friends with the diners that were close-by.



The escargot and rum baba….traditional French Thanksgiving cuisine was enjoyed by all.


Having Rebakah and Danielle with us made the holiday so special!


Thank you ladies for joining us, I love you both.


Le Grand Colbert is perfection. We all had a fun time.


My Larry is such  a good sport…I am thankful for him every moment of every day.

Love you beyond the moon.