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Sunday, Dinner and Movie

It is a foggy Monday Morning.

I have been tired and sad.

Such is life, oui?

Yesterday, Larry took me to the Dallas Arboretum for an “airing”…..

It was perfection.

We came home and I made dinner.

Whole roasted chicken, rice, salad and cake for dessert

Photo: Half chicken and rice

Photo: Salad

Photo: Angel Food cake and strawberries

The movie for Sunday was PICNIC.

A 1955 classic.


I would like to thank the awesome people who

have donated to Komen Race For The Cure in my name.

I will be writing to you personally, but till then,

I send crushing hugs.

I am honored to be remembered  in such a way.

Love you,




Getting My Family Fix

It was a great weekend.

Larry and I asked our daughters

to join us for a Saturday FEAST!

{Larry and I were in France during Thanksgiving}

A 22 Pounder!

Jamison had to work, but stopped by

on her way home for a little visit,

But, Lars, Josh, Matilda and puppy Ellie joined us.

Let The FEAST Begin

I roasted a huge turkey,

used holiday table settings


smiled as the day was filled

with my wonderful family.

I cooked the dinner, Larry  carved the turkey


my kids were in charge of the entertainment.

It was  perfect.


Sunday night  was dinner and a movie,

we ate left overs and watched

the holiday movie Prancer.

PRANCER is my favorite.


And it always makes me cry.

So, it is now, Monday Morning.

Larry is away  all day today.

I am alone to work on holiday gifts, laundry

and practice my Yoga.

Will you  try to {yoga} breathe today?

Smile when you can and please remember

that this is the Holiday of LOVE and JOY.

No Grumpies allowed.

Love you very much.


My Wonderful Life

Good morning, cast of characters!

Yes, this is the group that greets me  each morning.

My worktable is a complete, wonderful, disaster

that I find inspiring and colorful.


Yesterday, Larry and I took a drive out to Farmersville, TX.

I spent an hour in the yarn shop,


touching, daydreaming, planning

and much to Larry’s happiness

finally checking out with with new yarns.


We came home for Sunday Dinner and Movie.

We grilled steaks on the grill, baked potatoes,

steamed green beans

for dessert I made an old fashioned  Lazy Daisy Cake.

It was good, a little to sweet,

WAIT! What am I saying? Never to sweet!

It was perfectly delicious.

During dinner, our movie was:

While We’re Young

We LOVED it.

It is relevant to what is happening today


Larry and I are still chuckling about some things in the movie.


This  is my last post for a few weeks.

{and I am closing down Face Book}

I wish you happy days and many smiles.

Love you beyond the moon.



Bueno Sunday

Yesterday was awesome.

Larry and I had Sunday LUNCH and a Movie,

because we were going to a Halloween gathering in the evening.

We had Taco Bueno Tacos for lunch,

and watched a movie,



It was smart and soulful…..

We ate our tacos, then I cuddled up next to Larry


watched the movie.


I had a dentist appointment this morning at 7:50

{and had to cancel}


I was very sick during the night.

I am feeling a little better better now,

but I will rest today..

Enjoy this beautiful day…..Love you.




What A Weekend

On Saturday, we watched Matilda play soccer


visited friends at the Gunter, Texas School carnival.


Then….Sunday was wonderful, happy and sad.

the sky looked like Autumn.


We went to the Dallas FT Worth Pug Rescue

Pug-O-Ween celebration.

{this is where we would bring LIbby each year in costume}

Lauren, Josh and Matilda  were there


so were Dima, Levi, Ayah and Salma.

We had fun watching all of the PUGS in costume.


Larry and I  came home, and enjoyed Sunday Dinner and Movie.

We had chicken tacos {recipe tomorrow} Salsa, and watched BEGUILED.

That CRAZY movie. I kept thinking that it was boring, then things heated up.


Then…. I had a reflexology appointment with Larry

and then off to bed.

I had started the weekend arguing with someone dear to me.

It weighed heavy on my heart the entire weekend.

Don’t you hate that?

Have a lovely day.

I love you beyond the beautiful autumn sky.




Days Of September

Yesterday was odd.

I worked on Christmas gifts,

Prayed for the victims of 9/11,

Reminisced about adopting Libby Pug Dog

the week after the Twin Tower disaster.

{16 years ago}

{Libby’s AKC name is 

Elizabeth’s Stormy Liberty}

I am tired of odd days….

I am looking forward to

halloween decorations,

the Texas State fair,

dinner at the fire pit


you know….

that happy feeling that comes in Autumn.

I shall be patient.


I forgot to post about Sunday dinner.

We had it on Saturday last weekend,

because Grandparents Day was on Sunday.

I made a chicken pot pie.

Awesome baking dish from Aggie!

It was delicious.


Off I go, in to Tuesday morning.

It is absolutely beautiful outside this morning.

I am inspired  and humbled.

Lionel Richie is singing – YOU ARE

Looks like it is going to be a great day.


Love you.


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Can you hear me sigh?

Sunday, Dinner and Movie was spectacular.

We had stuffed eggplant, zucchini and a cheese plate.

Blindfold, white wine

and our movie was

My Old Lady.

I must admit, we started laughing

in the middle of the movie and could not stop.

{we kind of missed the end of the movie…}

Did you  know that My Larry

Peels off wine labels for his wine journal?

I LOVE his wine journals…

they are ART and moments wrapped all together.

Was your weekend spicy?

Happy Labor Day.

Love you.


Bright and Cool

 It is 8:30 am and I am sitting at my work table

trying to plan tomorrow’s dinner and movie.

I know….messy……


I can feel the change in weather.

Autumn is upon us


although I have things to do, places to be, people to see…

I am missing my Pug Girl today.

Goodness she loved this time of year.

The mornings bright and cool,

the nights cuddling on the big bed.

I know that life goes on,

but merde, it is difficult sometimes.

{but how blessed am I to have had such a wonderful life?}

Dear ones,

Have a happy Saturday.

Enjoy your moments and smile when you remember

special moments from the past.

Love you more than candy.


Sunday Dinner and Movie

Yesterday was Sunday Dinner and a movie.

Chicken thighs and rice with wine sauce and green peas.

Dessert was my creation,

little lemon pies with blueberries and whipped cream.

Pie crust in ramekins.

{baked early for convenience}


Lemon pudding


Blueberries on top of pudding.


Whipped cream…..

Oh, and our movie was Indiscreet.

I love this movie, so much

because I would love to live in the movie apartment

and  wear Ingrid Bergman’s clothes…..

In essence, this movie totally takes me away.

Isn’t that what a movie should do?


Larry and I had the best weekend.

It was filled with special family moments and many smiles.

Secret: I am kind of glad that it is Monday.

I love you more than candy.


Sunday Dinner And…….

The past week had been a bit difficult,

and to be honest,

staying home this weekend, gave me a sweet calm.

I cooked dinner and dessert.

The process made me feel amazingly centered.


Garlic Parmesan Chicken

No Name Potatoes {my own recipe with herbs from the garden}

Steamed Green Beans

Dessert: Larry”s Favorite Fudge Pie


Here is the food line in our kitchen.

Yes, well, we make do. Wink.

Larry opened my favorite wine with dinner.

Dinner was comfort food. Perfection.

We watched, not a movie but, Z.

Z is a series by Amazon, free on Prime,


is the story is Zelda Sayer, F Scott’s true love.

Last year, while on holiday, I took a walk and


found myself out-side of Gertrude Stein’s Paris apartment.

 Feeling inspired, happy and a little bit crazy.

It is true. I love the story,

I love the characters and the ART inspires me.

AND…it was amazing. Simply amazing.

Sunday dinner and Z. I had that inspired feeling again!


Happy Monday.

Love you.