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Sunday Dinner and Movie

Yesterday was Sunday Dinner and a movie.

Chicken thighs and rice with wine sauce and green peas.

Dessert was my creation,

little lemon pies with blueberries and whipped cream.

Pie crust in ramekins.

{baked early for convenience}


Lemon pudding


Blueberries on top of pudding.


Whipped cream…..

Oh, and our movie was Indiscreet.

I love this movie, so much

because I would love to live in the movie apartment

and  wear Ingrid Bergman’s clothes…..

In essence, this movie totally takes me away.

Isn’t that what a movie should do?


Larry and I had the best weekend.

It was filled with special family moments and many smiles.

Secret: I am kind of glad that it is Monday.

I love you more than candy.


Sunday Dinner And…….

The past week had been a bit difficult,

and to be honest,

staying home this weekend, gave me a sweet calm.

I cooked dinner and dessert.

The process made me feel amazingly centered.


Garlic Parmesan Chicken

No Name Potatoes {my own recipe with herbs from the garden}

Steamed Green Beans

Dessert: Larry”s Favorite Fudge Pie


Here is the food line in our kitchen.

Yes, well, we make do. Wink.

Larry opened my favorite wine with dinner.

Dinner was comfort food. Perfection.

We watched, not a movie but, Z.

Z is a series by Amazon, free on Prime,


is the story is Zelda Sayer, F Scott’s true love.

Last year, while on holiday, I took a walk and


found myself out-side of Gertrude Stein’s Paris apartment.

 Feeling inspired, happy and a little bit crazy.

It is true. I love the story,

I love the characters and the ART inspires me.

AND…it was amazing. Simply amazing.

Sunday dinner and Z. I had that inspired feeling again!


Happy Monday.

Love you.


Sunday Movie and Popcorn

Sunday, our traditional “dinner and movie” day,

took place at our movie theater.

Months ago, Larry bought us tickets

for the large screen showing of

North By Northwest.

A 1956 movie in today’s theater.

I sat in the recliner and watched a favorite movie.

We had

for dinner, while we watched

I was in heaven.


I am working today….so this will be short.

Be happy and follow your heart.

No one else is responsible for our happiness.

We must find what happiness means to us

and make it a reality.

Did you know that I have a passion for…

Mt Rushmore?

My birthday 2011. Rapid City, SD


One year,  Larry took me there for my birthday…

Happiness. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

Love you beyond Teddy Roosevelt.




Not For My Sake

It was a beautiful weekend.

The long days gave me time to putz around The Cottage,

getting chores


ART/reading/sewing/needlework/knitting done.

My Larry has been a little over-protective,

frightened to leave my side.

I hope that passes soon, for his sake,

not for my sake,

because I kind of like him being around all of the time.

On Saturday, I rested, watched a documentary and basketball

because we were meeting friends for dinner.

This sweet Italian restaurant is in Hurst, Texas


the couple we met for dinner are wonderful.

We laughed and talked a lot….it was a nice evening.

The kind of evening that fills your soul.

Tippi and Paul, you both are wonderful, good friends.


Sunday was dinner and movie.

I had dinner planned but no movie so….

we ended up watching “As Good As It Gets”. Again.

Salmon, potatoes and green beans.

Larry insisted on Champagne to make it a celebration.


As I look back over this weekend, one thing stands out.

How blessed Larry and I are.

Our little cottage, good friends, health



Blessings abound.

Love you.