Sunday Dinner And Finishing Projects

Meditation Experience~Day 15~ By living my wholeness, I become complete. Today I realized that….I WAS a person filled with love and gratitude. But not so much anymore. How did I hit this bump in my road? Was it family who pretended to love me? Was it having breast cancer and not dealing with it openly and honestly? Was it ignorant people insulting me and thinking perhaps I would not notice? Finding that old, grateful Robin again, has proven to be difficult. I feel totally jaded.


Sunday dinner and a movie was perfection. We had pork chops, sweet potato fries, salad and dessert was frozen bananas.

Our movie was Rooster Cogburn. Yes, I am a huge John Wayne fan..have you seen his cookbook? {I love mine so much that it is falling apart!}


Today I have started laundry, almost finished this blog post, will put the sleeves in the Hawaiian dress and I must finish my Easter Sweater. This poor sweater has been finished for months..and I have avoided putting it together because it looks so difficult. With Easter right around the corner time has run out. I cannot avoid putting together any longer. I will post a picture when…….FINISHED!!!

Have a happy day. I send love and good wishes if you need them. Sometimes, life is a bit difficult but it is nothing we cannot handle.

Love you.


Better Late Than Miss A Day Of Journaling

I am super behind today. Please forgive me.

Meditation Experience~ Day 7 Every thankful moment makes me healthier. I have a problem with anxiety. It started when I was struggling with hyperparathyroidism. {google it?} I was diagnosed with breast cancer and hyperparathyroidism at the same time. It was a nightmare. When I am anxious now, it frightens me because i think that I might be sick again. My check ups are once a year. Meditation and centering myself is best for my cancer and hyperparathyroidism. Being thankful is even better than mediation. Thankful moments are that split second joy that makes you breathe and smile.


Yesterday we celebrated Lauren’s birthday, even though her birthday is tomorrow. We enjoyed brunch and then went to the Heard Museum in McKinney Texas for a hike, It was perfection. Lauren Josh, Matilda, Jami, Larry and myself hiked. {Jared was working} I have a few shots from the hike on my phone and will post them later.

About Sunday, Dinner and Movie…….Larry and I came home and did a few chores around the cottage, It was a beautiful day. Then…he made one of his famous BOARDS. It is really a cheese plate, only fancier.

Photo: One of Larry’s “Boards”

We snacked in the big bed while we watched Please Don’t Eat The Daisy’s. {in case you do not know, this is my comfort/favorite movie}

Photo: Goat cheese with edible flowers

One of the cheeses had flowers on it and it was delicious. Larry outdid himself.

Today is busy. It has gotten away from me and I might not ever catch up…..Have the lovelist of days. I am thankful for YOU.

Love you.


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Photo: Sunday, dinner and movie.

Yesterday, Sunday Dinner and Movie was uneventful. We had spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.

Larry chose an interesting Italian wine and we watched the movie Roma.

Photo: Sunday movie.

It was a creative movie, I compare it to watching an abstract painting come to life.

Photo: The spaghetti

Dinner was good. The movie was ok….and the company perfection.

Today, is Martin Luther Kind Day. Many people are off from work….if you are, have a beautiful day.

Love you,


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Yesterday Larry and I had a lovely day. The skies were gray and life was at status quo level.

We went to church, did a few errands and we had…Sunday Dinner and Movie. I prepared a new recipe and we enjoyed a spectacular Spanish wine.

I made crab stuffed portobello mushrooms, salad and country french bread.

Photo: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with crab filling, salad and Spanish wine

Our Movie was Fanny’s Journey. I watched this movie last November, on the day before we left for Paris. If you watch Fanny’s Journey, please give it time. It is subtitled and starts out a bit slow, but the “set-up” is very important. After the movie, I asked Larry what he thought. He said: Everyone should see this movie.

Photo: Sunday Movie January 13, 2019

The wine we had with dinner was a Christmas gift. Kathy, thank you so much. It was the perfect wine with our dinner and we toasted you and your family. Larry and I love that you are part of “our” family.

Photo: Sunday dinner and movie.
Photo:Just a photo of Sunday dinner. Somethings are indescribably wonderful.

Yesterday was filled with pleasant love. You know the kind…..

Love you.


Sunday, Dinner and A Movie

Yesterday, Sunday Dinner and Movie was a blessing. The stress of the holiday had caught up to me and Larry made dinner. Potato salad, and grilled burgers.

Our movie was The Holly and The Ivy. {My favorite Christmas Carol}

The movie has an interesting history, it was intense and in the end….well….you will just have to watch it.

I can hardly believe that it is Christmas eve. My heart feels a bit melancholy and I look forward to a brand new, productive new year. 2019 sounds wonderful. {with lots of Sunday, dinner and movies.}

Love you,


Sunday, Dinner and Movie.

Photo: Pink on the left is from Hanalei, as is Green. Pink is mine, Green is Larry’s and they watch over the kitchen.

Yesterday, I made Sunday dinner.

It has been awhile since I have felt like doing it


hope that going forward I am more consistent.

Larry helped me cook and we had the best time.

I made a pascade….a French goodie. {and it was delish}

Our dinner plates were full, but with clean, proteins.

Larry made the faites maison frites……they were amazing. Home made fries.

I made steak with maitre’d  butter and we had the pascade with dinner.

Our wine was a pleasant surprise.

The Bunny Malbec. LOVED it.

For dessert, I made homemade shot glasses out of dark chocolate.

Filled with chocolate mousse…was lovely.

Our movie was To Catch a Thief. Oldie but goodie


it always inspires me to make a vintage garment. {I have something planned!}

I have something planned…but must find the “right” fabric from Mood Fabrics in NYC.

Have a great day… often.

Love you beyond shopping for fabrics on the Internet.


Instead Of A Frown

On Sunday, we had dinner and a movie.

I do not cook very much right now since I lost my appetite.

But, on Sunday I cooked…and we enjoyed the meal.

Pasta, with veggies, wheat bread and wine.

Our movie, was SUDDENLY.

We liked this old movie. It was very different from what we usually watch.

Today I read a blog that I like very much.

It was about change and how difficult  {and important} it is.

I wish that I wrote like that.

To write a blog about change, bravery

and accepting life with a smile instead of a frown.

Yes, well shoot me. I am grouchy today and  just cannot shake it.

Don’t you hate when that happens? A case of the grouchies….

Have a good day…..I hope you are smiling….

Love you.




Even Though I am Scottish

I LOVE St Patricks Day!

{Even though I am Scottish}

We had a perfect Patrick’s Day.

Photo: Card from Matilda

Our card from Matilda makes me smile each time I look at it

{I love  matilda so much,  my heart could burst}


on THE day, {St Pats day}

we had brunch in Wataga, Texas

then went to the Kimbell Museum to see the new exhibit.

Larry was happy and content.

Sunday, dinner and movie was a kind of bust.

Photo: Individual beef wellington and boiled potatoes

I cooked even though I was not hungry.

We had beef Wellington, potatoes and a salad.

Our  movie was GIRLS TRIP.

I was a bit down and thought it would cheer me up.


I love the actresses in the movie,

but  GEEZE.

What a mess that movie is.

We watched about 30 min of the movie.


I have been struggling.

My medicine has lots of side affects

and frustration is setting

in with the basic eb and flow of what seems to be

what we know as diabetes.

In a few minuets, I will call Dr L’s office and make an appointment.

I WILL figure this out!

Love you.


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

It is a foggy Monday Morning.

I have been tired and sad.

Such is life, oui?

Yesterday, Larry took me to the Dallas Arboretum for an “airing”…..

It was perfection.

We came home and I made dinner.

Whole roasted chicken, rice, salad and cake for dessert

Photo: Half chicken and rice

Photo: Salad

Photo: Angel Food cake and strawberries

The movie for Sunday was PICNIC.

A 1955 classic.


I would like to thank the awesome people who

have donated to Komen Race For The Cure in my name.

I will be writing to you personally, but till then,

I send crushing hugs.

I am honored to be remembered  in such a way.

Love you,




Getting My Family Fix

It was a great weekend.

Larry and I asked our daughters

to join us for a Saturday FEAST!

{Larry and I were in France during Thanksgiving}

A 22 Pounder!

Jamison had to work, but stopped by

on her way home for a little visit,

But, Lars, Josh, Matilda and puppy Ellie joined us.

Let The FEAST Begin

I roasted a huge turkey,

used holiday table settings


smiled as the day was filled

with my wonderful family.

I cooked the dinner, Larry  carved the turkey


my kids were in charge of the entertainment.

It was  perfect.


Sunday night  was dinner and a movie,

we ate left overs and watched

the holiday movie Prancer.

PRANCER is my favorite.


And it always makes me cry.

So, it is now, Monday Morning.

Larry is away  all day today.

I am alone to work on holiday gifts, laundry

and practice my Yoga.

Will you  try to {yoga} breathe today?

Smile when you can and please remember

that this is the Holiday of LOVE and JOY.

No Grumpies allowed.

Love you very much.


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