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For Spring


Photo: Easter 1987. Lauren left-Jamison right

It has been a lovely week.

The world is preparing for Spring


washing off the winter blues.

Little girls are in sweet dresses

and hunting for colored eggs filled with candy.

The sun is staying high in the sky till late in the evening


irises in the garden are preparing to bloom.

The world is preparing for Spring.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Love you.


It Is, After All

Happy First day of Spring.

This time of year always amazes me.

The miracle of re-birth


the first green colors of spring are my favorite.

Last week, Matilda was on spring break


she spent one day with me

It was wonderful.

She played with her fairy garden….

Larry had ordered her 9 Maude Humphrey Bogart statues

and she loved them.

She said: The girls are around the camp fire.


Larry bought me new silverware.

How perfectly awesome is it that he picked out the pattern

and bought the set for us.

{our old silverware was ready for the trash

the prongs of the forks were crooked and the knives bent}

When he showed me the new {Lenox} set, he was so sweet.

I love Larry so much.


As you can tell,

Since I have been ill, I have been struggling a it.

But, it cannot last forever can it?

Slowing down in any capacity  affects us mentally.

So, today I have my fit-bit on


will smile more often.

It is, after all, the first day of spring!

Love you,