Secret Paris Photos-2017

Last week, I found 72 photos in my Paris phone.

This week, I will share them with you.


Photo: American Church-Paris

On Sunday Night, we went to the American Church

where they have free concerts.

{this years concert was stunning}

Then we met friends for dinner….

Philippe and Sabine live across the street from us in Paris,

and they always offer to drive us home, BUT…..

Photo: Dinner with friends, Paris. 2017

When we are in Paris, we walk home.

Here is Rue Cler, on a quiet night as we walked home.

Photo: Rue Cler

As we walked home….

Photo: View walking home from dinner

This appeared in front of us.

I will never take this sight for granted…it makes me smile.

After a good nights sleep..we got up and went

Photo: Lavinia Wine Cave

to Larry’s favorite wine store.

His old favorite closed…the owner was arrested

for sexual assault. EEEEEK.

He buys wine for our annual picnic….he shops and I browse.

Photo: Paris picnic 2017

Our picnic this year was perfection.

{the Champagne was very good too}

Photo: Paris picnic 2017

Our picnic was wonderful


memories give me a  happy feeling.


Have a happy day!

Enjoy the blue moon.

Love you.