Today Is Rosemary’s Day

Today is my friend Rosemary’s birthday. I am wishing her Happy Birthday here, on blog, because this is how we met.

Many years ago, one day, while online, she came across Robin Toujours. She realized that we have lived parallel lives. {it is uncanny how many things coincide} I do not know how long she read the blog before she met me on FaceBook…but I am so happy that she did.

Rosemary is the relative that I always wished for. She is my sister and friend.

Photo: Lunch in Austin. Rosemary is in the middle

Dear Rosemary,

Happy Birthday! Larry and I send love and best wishes to you {and David-NTG} today. Your special day.

I wish you good health, lots of love, many special moments and many more years!

Have the best birthday ever!

Much love,

Robin & Larry

PS: You can open your gift today!

Dear Rosemary and David

PHOTO: Hugo the bonsai

Dear Rosemary and David NTG,

One year ago, you had a  Christmas”Fig  Bonsai” tree

sent to Larry and me.

{We love it so much!}

I immediately named him HUGO.

He was watered, fed and welcomed  to The Cottage.

In the past year,

he has doubled in size and puts out new growth often.

After this new year,

he will be transplanted into a new bonsai pot.

Thank you again for this lovely gift.

Hugo has been a constant reminder of  you, our wonderful friends,

Rosemary and David.

May this holiday season bring you

love and joy.

Love you.


PS: the heart shaped rock in the soil

was found in Philadelphia.