Oh Wisteria

Photo: Wisteria~Bayswater Street~ London 2019

Yesterday, on the heels of planting plants on the patio here at the cottage, my mind kept going back to London.

The wisteria in London this spring was my favorite. It canopied over our heads and made us feel as if we were in a lavender tunnel.

Photo: Wisteria~London 2019

When I managed a flower shop in Tennessee, one of the designers was a sweet lady from Japan. Her name was Nodiko. She knew the meanings of so many flowers and plants .Wisteria is named after a scientist, Dr Wistar. It has many meanings but my favorite is: Celebrating the youthful vitality of a young friend or child.

In the 1970’s my Grandmother had wisteria growing up the side and over the top of her front porch. {she lived in a Pre-Revolutionary War house outside of Philadelphia.} The family would complain about so many bees buzzing around the blooms, but I just liked to go sit out there and read. It was perfect and my memories of it are spectacular.

I wish that we could grow wisteria here. I have tried but no luck. I guess that means that I best go water the plants on the patio…..

What or whom will you nurture today? Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Love you.


Weekend Reflections

The weekend was filled with migraines and side effects of the head aches. I was not 100% but not sick enough to go to bed.

Yesterday, Sunday we skipped church to watch the Women’s World Cup Soccer match. It was wonderful. The soccer, not skipping church.

After world cup, we had to do a few chores and ended up buying plants for the patio. I am ashamed to tell you that since Libby’s death, we have neglected the patio very badly. She would sit out there and watch the world go by. { I would love to sit with her out there} Yesterday, I picked out plants and Larry planted them. It was super hot and utterly miserable and it felt so good!

Photo: Patio
Photo: Container arrangement. Coleus , Inpatients and creeping Jenny

After planting the containers, we had Sunday dinner and a movie. Larry grilled out rib eye steaks and I made scalloped potatoes and asparagus. For dessert we made sundaes out of left over brownies and ice cream.

Photo: Steak, potato and asparagus
Photo: Sundae desserts

In honor of Doris Day, we watched another one of her movies…..

Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie

The Man Who Knew Too Much is Larry’s favorite…I think Rear Window is mine. Do you have a favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

It is now Monday morning. We walked our miles at the lake early. 6:30 am. Larry is sequestered in his office working on a restaurant contract and I am doing laundry while I write. After I post this, I will get out my sewing machine and start making a linen dress. Sounds ambitious doesn’t it? Well, its really not. I want to go back to bed and read. I am reading the sweetest book that was given to me on my birthday…

Oh well. Happy happy Monday!

Love you beyond the mooon.


Like Magic

Photo: Fourth Of July Picnic~ 2019

Yesterday, the fourth of July, we had no plans, so I told Larry that I would make a picnic and we could go to the Dallas Arboretum.

I made chicken salad {served on croissants} , deviled eggs and brownies. Throw in some fruit & Champagne and there was a picnic! Like magic, right?

Larry had the day off so we arrived early at the gardens, I brought music and we talked. It was wonderful.

My time with Larry is the best and our picnic went by at record speed.

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday too.


I would like to thank the people who sent me notes, opinions and thoughts about the post titled: Every New School. Taking the time to share your heart is always a gift to me, Merci Beaucoup.


Larry and I got up early this morning and walked our miles at the lake. It was gloomy and humid but my time talking and walking with My Larry is the best time of the day. He is a great listener and gives great advice.

It is time for me to get busy…I wish you a happy day with lots of smiles.

Love you beyond a picnic.


Every New School

Each morning, I read a blog by a wonderful woman. She is faithful, kind and very creative. Her journey is one of deep commitment and joy. She is my ideal

Today she posted a story that her son was being bullied and the ripple effect it had through her family. Her wonderful, close family.

When I hear about specific bulling stories, my heart beats faster, my hands tremble a bit and my mind races so fast that it sounds like rushing water in my ears.

I remember.

As a family, we moved every two years. My father was always searching for something better. The big job, the big house, the big car. I went to many schools. { 8?, 9? Including 3 different high schools}

The new kid at a school is always a target, until the other kids discover how cool the new kid is. Lets face it. That was not going to happen to me. I was not cool, pretty or smart. I was sad, misplaced and to be honest, not nurtured much at all. {I was told to quote-BUCK UP-unquote. My father had no patience for such things as bulling}

Photo: Me always the new kid

This morning, while reading the blog of my favorite Blogger, I wanted to reach through my computer and hug her. She showed so much courage sharing the story. There is one way that we can change bulling. Bullies must be made accountable and then shown the love that perhaps they are missing in their life.

Every new school for me was a nightmare. I learned early on just to avoid telling about the bulling when it happened, but above all, avoid the problem at all costs.

No one except my family knew what I was going through. They were convinced that it was me who was the problem. I am sure that my parents did they best they could while I was growing up…..times where very different.

We never know what someone might be going through, so it is best to be kind to everyone. , I say to my favorite blogger: Thank you for giving me the courage to share part of my story.

Courage by example. Oui? {it is ok to smile now}

Love you beyond the moon.


Mornings At The Beach

Photo: Our view from the lanai
Photo: Breakfast at the beach

Each morning while at the beach, we sat on the lanai and visited. It is not that Larry and I do not talk to each other, in fact we are always chatting, but it is different while we are at the beach.

There is a simplicity while we are away. We can talk, breathe and relax knowing that in the moment, this is as organic as it can possibly get.

My daughter Jamison had surgery while we were 8 hours in the air flying to Kaua’i. {no internet over the ocean} But Jared, her husband kept us informed and all is well.

My Girl, Matilda had ART camp while we were gone and Lauren worked in her Butterfly Garden.

I loved hearing about everyone’s activities and after that we would walk 4 miles to Spouting Horn and back home.

So, this morning, I am home. I am sitting at my work table. No bagels or marmalade and when ze blog is posted, I will read my devotional and paint. There is something about being back home. Its awful.

Love you beyond the moon.


Last Week

Last week, we had the honor of attending Matilda’s ART show at her school. It was amazing. It was genius. It was inspirational. To view the ART of young children and the promise that they hold is truly a gift to grandparents such as Larry and I. The future is golden.

Photo: Matilda and Larry at Matilda’s ART show.

A Matisse painting is worth millions….but being a grandparent is priceless.

Love you.


Mother and Daughter

Photo: Matilda & Lauren Mothers Day 2019 The Modern Museum-Ft Worth, TX

I took the photo above on Mothers Day. I love how Matilda and Lars are looking at each other. Mothers and daughters have a special bond. It is a secret society. It is a gift from God.

Early this morning, I received an email from France, from a very good friend telling me that her Mother had passed. Madame was 93 years old..She was a renaissance woman. Her husband had been in the French Resistance, she drove race cars. When she was in the states, we would always plan dinner parties. She made the best couscous I ever had. She raised two children alone during very difficult times….and most of all, she was Anne-Marie’s Mother.

During my walk this morning, I was thinking about the special bond mothers and daughters have. There are almost no words to describe the relationship. I miss my Mother often. I am her legacy. {Hope I am doing OK}

Love you beyond the moon.


We Visited For A Second

Many people will walk in and out of your life

but only a true friend will leave

their footprint on your heart.

~Eleanor Roosevelt~

My Life has been wonderful. I am married to my best friend. Lauren and Jamison are the joys of my life and my granddaughter Matilda inspires me every day to be positive and creative. There is one more aspect in my life that is important. Friendship.

I know many friends come and go. Some are fakes and ego driven but, then, there are the certain few that come into our lives. they make a difference just by saying hello.

They are the earnest, sincere friends, who touch your life in an unexpected way. They support you and recognize the bumps in your life and each visit is a treasure.

Last Friday, while Larry kept working, we drove to Austin, TX. A friend of mine was visiting from California. Larry and I met Rosemary, her husband David and daughter Whitney for lunch at the sweetest cafe in Austin. The Launderette. We visited for a second. Wait! It was three hours. Time flew by. Larry and I were honored that they took the time to visit with us on their busy Mothers Day weekend!

Photo: from left: Whitney, David, Rosemary, Larry and me

Please note, the flowers on the table. Whitney handed them to me after a hug and wished me Happy Mothers day. They are so beautiful. I held them all the way home. {From Austin to Plano}

Larry and I had the BEST Mothers Day weekend ever.

Thankfulness is a part of each day for me. Rosemary, I am so very thankful for you.

Dear readers, have you thanked a friend recently? Have you just taken a moment to say hi? Rosemary is my example to try to be a better friend…..

Love you.


Roses and Split Pea Soup

Photo: Rose from the garden

The kitchen smells like roses…..the first cut rose from our rose bush is making its existence known. When we lived in Memphis, I had roses in the garden…in Texas, they are more difficult to grow. Fingers crossed for this new rose bush! {the bloom is in a little jar}

Photo: Carrots for the split pea soup

The veggies are chopped and in the Crock Pot …….It is soup night at The Cottage and I wish that you could smell what is cooking. {would you like the recipe?}

Please forgive the short post? I feel tired and frustrated. Today is soup day and I have a lovely sketch on canvas that I wanted to start painting. My body is screaming for exercise and it looks like rain. Again.

I hope that you have the best day and weekend.

Love you.