A Bloggers Touch

When I wake in the mornings, I always check my phone to see if there were any emergencies during the night. This morning, while waiting to hear the headline news, I looked at my Instagram. One of the people/companies/etc. that I follow, had a new post. I love when cat_in_france posts.

This mornings post was personal and it touched me so deeply that I asked Larry to read it, and he never “does” anything Instagram! But he did this morning.

Photo: Instagram at my work table

Cat Bude, is Cat In France. Her photos are wonderful, her ideas are creative and her posts are lovely. If you feel inclined and are on Instagram, please visit her account? Her posts are personal and humble. She is just what we need during these long days.

Cat, if you by chance should read this, please know that you have a fan in Plano, Texas. Please continue being honest, taking your amazing photos….and cooking.

Dear readers. Life as we have known it is changing. If we stay patient, things will become better. Maybe even better that we remember it. Till then, stay strong, smile often and know that this lonely blogger in Texas cares about you.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.



Charming Dinner Guests

The past months have been so strange! Some of the things that Larry and I love so much have left our life. It is time to find ways to compensate, right?

Over the years, Larry and I have traveled to Pennsylvania often to visit friends and family. During our trips, we would almost always include a trip to Bucks County Playhouse.

I will never forget the first time that we went to a production there, (and not knowing exactly what to expect) Marvin Hamlisch was accompanying the actors. From that moment on, I was hooked.

A few weeks ago, Larry recieved an email from the playhouse. It was announcing a production for Sept 1, and it would be a production online. We bought tickets and planned the evening.

The play/reading that we saw was DEAR LIAR. Staring Marcia Mason and Brian Cox.

It was wonderful! I planned dinner around the reading. Larry and I had the best evening.

Photo: Picked up dinner at Blue Goose
Photo: Dinner and a play.

We watched the reading on my laptop, in my studio. Dinner was Mexican and our dinner guests were charming.

Photo: Brian Cox and Marcia Mason

We loved every moment of this experience. I felt like Marcia Mason and Brian Cox were doing this just for us. They are amazing…..

Are you familiar with this play? George Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patricia Campbell……enough said. Look it up. It is wonderful, romantic and if you are a letter writer like me, you will understand the importance of real mail.

Be happy today.

Love you beyond the moon.



Life in the time of Coronavirus is surprisingly calm and the days are wonderfully versatile.

My moments at The Cottage are content. The patio door is open and birds are singing away. It feels like spring.

Yesterday, Larry and I walked 3.5 miles at his lunch hour. We talked about what is happening in the world and why I quit Face Book and Instagram. He understood and agreed completely.

A few times yesterday, I picked up my phone to check FB and IG. I felt like an idiot. My accounts are gone and there was nothing to look at. But I checked anyway. I wonder if I will check again today?

Two people read Blog yesterday. TWO. I have a hit meter on the account and it records the number of and the city where people visit from. On Tuesday, my last day on FB, a friend on FB contacted me, saying how much she liked the post that day. The funny thing is, she never visited the blog that day at all. You know, it is funny…..

If I do not post the blog “LINK” on Face Book and Instagram to make it easy for people to visit, they don’t visit. The good part of that is, the people who truly care will visit. I love that term. TRULY CARE.

Last night, Larry and I ordered dinner from our favorite Italian restaurant in Dallas. We picked it up, brought it home, where we picnicked in bed and watched David Muir. {our favorite news-anchor-man} The wine was spectacular, thank you Larry…and my day ended on the sweetest note.

Photo: Picnic in bed

Please have a happy day. Truly care about the people in your life. You might not know what they are going through…smile when you do not want to. No one, I promise you, NO ONE wants to hear your troubles. They have enough of their own….

Love you BEYOND the moon……


Oh ! Harry Connick! Oh! Mel Torme!

So much is going on in the world. I almost cannot comprehend exactly what is happening. My days are filled with my favorite person {Larry} and trying to keep myself busy and positive.

I have limited myself to ART, music and family. What are you doing during these dark days to stay happy and move forward in the best positive way possible?

Ten days ago, Larry and I saw Harry Connick in concert. It was very very wonderful. Harry Connick is my favorite JAZZ man… after Mel Torme that is.

Photo: Tickets

As we are quarantined these days, my mind goes back to our last picnic and Champagne …and of course seeing Mr Connick in concert. Did I mention his amazing band? I feel like it was yesterday. I feel like it was years ago.

Photo: Champagne picnic ~Dallas Texas

Larry is in the restaurant business. The times are difficult right now…and Larry is taking good care of his customers. I am very proud of him. I would like to mention that he is taking good care of me too.

These sad days will soon be done and life will be back to normal. It might be a new normal, but it will be a normal.

Till then, I will keep on blogging, taking photos, painting and loving my amazing family. What will you do to be happy?

Photo: Champagne picnic and Harry Connick Concert~Dallas Texas

Larry and I toast all of our friends and loved ones. May each day bring you joyful moments and toilet paper.

Love you beyond the moon.


Oh Wisteria

Photo: Wisteria~Bayswater Street~ London 2019

Yesterday, on the heels of planting plants on the patio here at the cottage, my mind kept going back to London.

The wisteria in London this spring was my favorite. It canopied over our heads and made us feel as if we were in a lavender tunnel.

Photo: Wisteria~London 2019

When I managed a flower shop in Tennessee, one of the designers was a sweet lady from Japan. Her name was Nodiko. She knew the meanings of so many flowers and plants .Wisteria is named after a scientist, Dr Wistar. It has many meanings but my favorite is: Celebrating the youthful vitality of a young friend or child.

In the 1970’s my Grandmother had wisteria growing up the side and over the top of her front porch. {she lived in a Pre-Revolutionary War house outside of Philadelphia.} The family would complain about so many bees buzzing around the blooms, but I just liked to go sit out there and read. It was perfect and my memories of it are spectacular.

I wish that we could grow wisteria here. I have tried but no luck. I guess that means that I best go water the plants on the patio…..

What or whom will you nurture today? Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Love you.


Weekend Reflections

The weekend was filled with migraines and side effects of the head aches. I was not 100% but not sick enough to go to bed.

Yesterday, Sunday we skipped church to watch the Women’s World Cup Soccer match. It was wonderful. The soccer, not skipping church.

After world cup, we had to do a few chores and ended up buying plants for the patio. I am ashamed to tell you that since Libby’s death, we have neglected the patio very badly. She would sit out there and watch the world go by. { I would love to sit with her out there} Yesterday, I picked out plants and Larry planted them. It was super hot and utterly miserable and it felt so good!

Photo: Patio
Photo: Container arrangement. Coleus , Inpatients and creeping Jenny

After planting the containers, we had Sunday dinner and a movie. Larry grilled out rib eye steaks and I made scalloped potatoes and asparagus. For dessert we made sundaes out of left over brownies and ice cream.

Photo: Steak, potato and asparagus
Photo: Sundae desserts

In honor of Doris Day, we watched another one of her movies…..

Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie

The Man Who Knew Too Much is Larry’s favorite…I think Rear Window is mine. Do you have a favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

It is now Monday morning. We walked our miles at the lake early. 6:30 am. Larry is sequestered in his office working on a restaurant contract and I am doing laundry while I write. After I post this, I will get out my sewing machine and start making a linen dress. Sounds ambitious doesn’t it? Well, its really not. I want to go back to bed and read. I am reading the sweetest book that was given to me on my birthday…

Oh well. Happy happy Monday!

Love you beyond the mooon.


Like Magic

Photo: Fourth Of July Picnic~ 2019

Yesterday, the fourth of July, we had no plans, so I told Larry that I would make a picnic and we could go to the Dallas Arboretum.

I made chicken salad {served on croissants} , deviled eggs and brownies. Throw in some fruit & Champagne and there was a picnic! Like magic, right?

Larry had the day off so we arrived early at the gardens, I brought music and we talked. It was wonderful.

My time with Larry is the best and our picnic went by at record speed.

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday too.


I would like to thank the people who sent me notes, opinions and thoughts about the post titled: Every New School. Taking the time to share your heart is always a gift to me, Merci Beaucoup.


Larry and I got up early this morning and walked our miles at the lake. It was gloomy and humid but my time talking and walking with My Larry is the best time of the day. He is a great listener and gives great advice.

It is time for me to get busy…I wish you a happy day with lots of smiles.

Love you beyond a picnic.


Every New School

Each morning, I read a blog by a wonderful woman. She is faithful, kind and very creative. Her journey is one of deep commitment and joy. She is my ideal

Today she posted a story that her son was being bullied and the ripple effect it had through her family. Her wonderful, close family.

When I hear about specific bulling stories, my heart beats faster, my hands tremble a bit and my mind races so fast that it sounds like rushing water in my ears.

I remember.

As a family, we moved every two years. My father was always searching for something better. The big job, the big house, the big car. I went to many schools. { 8?, 9? Including 3 different high schools}

The new kid at a school is always a target, until the other kids discover how cool the new kid is. Lets face it. That was not going to happen to me. I was not cool, pretty or smart. I was sad, misplaced and to be honest, not nurtured much at all. {I was told to quote-BUCK UP-unquote. My father had no patience for such things as bulling}

Photo: Me always the new kid

This morning, while reading the blog of my favorite Blogger, I wanted to reach through my computer and hug her. She showed so much courage sharing the story. There is one way that we can change bulling. Bullies must be made accountable and then shown the love that perhaps they are missing in their life.

Every new school for me was a nightmare. I learned early on just to avoid telling about the bulling when it happened, but above all, avoid the problem at all costs.

No one except my family knew what I was going through. They were convinced that it was me who was the problem. I am sure that my parents did they best they could while I was growing up…..times where very different.

We never know what someone might be going through, so it is best to be kind to everyone. , I say to my favorite blogger: Thank you for giving me the courage to share part of my story.

Courage by example. Oui? {it is ok to smile now}

Love you beyond the moon.


Mornings At The Beach

Photo: Our view from the lanai
Photo: Breakfast at the beach

Each morning while at the beach, we sat on the lanai and visited. It is not that Larry and I do not talk to each other, in fact we are always chatting, but it is different while we are at the beach.

There is a simplicity while we are away. We can talk, breathe and relax knowing that in the moment, this is as organic as it can possibly get.

My daughter Jamison had surgery while we were 8 hours in the air flying to Kaua’i. {no internet over the ocean} But Jared, her husband kept us informed and all is well.

My Girl, Matilda had ART camp while we were gone and Lauren worked in her Butterfly Garden.

I loved hearing about everyone’s activities and after that we would walk 4 miles to Spouting Horn and back home.

So, this morning, I am home. I am sitting at my work table. No bagels or marmalade and when ze blog is posted, I will read my devotional and paint. There is something about being back home. Its awful.

Love you beyond the moon.