Double Reds

Yesterday, Larry gave blood. I must add, he gave more than blood. He gave double reds. It makes him weak and a little ill for a few days and cannot donate again for 4 months.

*Double Reds or Power Reds: A Power Red donation allows you to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation. … This type of donation uses an automated process that separates your red blood cells from the other blood components, and then safely and comfortably returns your plasma and platelets to you.

Photo: Carter is a Dallas tradition.

The need for blood is great right now… and many people are afraid to donate. Larry said that it was very safe, masked, social distanced and hand sanitizer was everywhere.

A year ago, Jamison had 3 blood transfusions. Because of this, Larry donates double reds whenever he can, in Jamison’s name…

Please consider donating blood? It will make you feel wonderful.

I wish you a day filled with Happiness.

Love you beyond the moon.


Casserole Recipe On A Monday Morning

Happy Monday.

A week ago, Matilda asked for THE green bean casserole. I hardly remembered it but dug deep into my recipe files and found it, hiding in the pie section of my recipe box.

I made it yesterday in honor of her 9 1/2 birthday. (she celebrates each 1/2 year) Please enjoy this recipe, it is delicious. I wanted to share the recipe on this Monday.


this is a Taste of Home recipe


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1 Package (6oz) long grain and wild rice mix

4 cups cubed cooked chicken

1- 3/4 cups frozen French style green beans

1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup

1 can condensed cream of broccoli soup

2/3 cup chopped onion

2/3 cup chopped green bell pepper

1 envelope onion soup mix

3/4 cup Colby cheese

1 cup French Fried onions (optional)


Prepare wild rice according to the package directions, let cool for 10-15 minutes. Stir in the chicken, soup mix, green beans, onions, green bell pepper and canned soups.

Spoon into large casserole dish or two small casserole dishes. Sprinkle with cheese.

Bake for 30 minutes, sprinkle wit French fried onions, and bake 5 minutes longer.

This casserole freezes very well.

Photo: Lauren made the beautiful salad

The family loves this recipe. I make it in a favorite casserole dish given to us by a special California Cousin, Aggie.

Photp: One of my favorite casserole dishes

Good food and special moments. It was a wonderful weekend.

Love you beyond the moon.


Return To Me

I went to the DR yesterday and my blood pressure was so high, my DR is having me chart it for 2 weeks. (Yikes) I am also having a dozen tests done this week. My question is….when an office looks like this, who wouldn’t have high blood pressure?

Photos: Top: The outer waiting room. Middle: The Exam room. Bottom: the cartoon video instructing us how to meditate.

I walked around the lake a couple of times when I came home from the DR and it gave me time to think. After dealing with surgery and treatment from #2 breast cancer, I have not been eating well, days are NOT spent exercising like I should and anxiety is always nudging my brain… is just such an odd time.

It is an odd time for ALL OF US and we worry about the friends that we have not heard from. They are included in my daily prayers, hoping that they are just preoccupied and not ill.

There is a movie that I like. It is considered one of our Comfort Movies. It is “Return to Me”…..Have you seen it? The soundtrack is playing this morning and I feel very sentimental. Often, I wonder if everyone is feeling like me, having high blood pressure, prayerful and feeling sentimental?

Photo: Movie, Return to Me

Return to me is one of my favorite movies. It reminds me what is truly important in our lives. The music is one of my favorite soundtracks…. even Larry likes it. Please watch it if you feel inclined, or better yet, listen to the soundtrack. It will remind you what is important in your life. (LOVE)

I send love and calm to you today.

Love you beyond the moon.


Yesterday and Today

Can you believe that it is Tuesday already? Yesterday flew by so fast that I cannot remember what exactly I did.

Perhaps it flew by because I am trying diligently to bypass the news during the day. My days are spent testing recipes, ART, reading and knitting a sweater for Larry. OH! Yesterday I also played a video game with Matilda! She was at her house one hour away, and I was home. We played Terraria. An hour with (granddaughter) Matilda always brightens my day.

I am up early this morning and have a DRs appointment. The house is dark and I can hear Good Morning America on the bedroom TV.

Photo: In the Dark Hallway. 5:30 am

I am going to try to have meaningful moments all day today. (And remember them tomorrow)

Love you beyond the moon.


The Best Example

On Saturday, Larry and I went to the country to see Matilda, It was “ART In The Garden” day. For months, Matilda and I have been making and crafting different ART projects. We plan to auction all the art , with proceeds going to St Jude Hospital in Memphis. Please look for our auction soon?

While visiting Matilda, she asked if she could play the piano for us. She is playing so well and one song in particular moved Larry very much. Larry asked Lauren if they might video her playing the song and could we post it on The Blog today? The video is below…..

Larry wanted us all to be reminded that we are all one and we need to accept each other for exactly who we are.

I hope that you enjoy Matilda’s mini concert…The children are our future. We need to set the best example that we can.

Love you beyond the moon.


The Heart Of A Pansy

Yesterday was a calm Monday. I got laundry done, walked laps at the lake and made Larry onion soup for dinner. It was a productive day.

The best part of yesterday was, the mail. Larry surprised me with a 23 and Me kit. (Larry received one for his birthday and thought he would include me in the fun) Soooo, I spit into the vial, sealed up the box and in three weeks I will have the DNA results.

A few weeks ago, I had ordered a dress pattern from EBAY. It arrived yesterday and I was impressed with the packaging and the owner of the Vintage pattern company!

Photo: The new pattern was wrapped

The pattern looked like a gift…

Photo: The company who I bought the pattern from. I will order from them again.

I bought a summer dress pattern….because Larry booked our beach trip for 2021! I am nervous about the world and what it will look like when we are able to travel. The trip is months away….and I have time to make some summer things now.

Photo: This is the pattern that arrived yesterday

I love the new pattern. I can make it out of gauze to wear over my bathing suit and some fun fabrics to wear during the day with sandals. It has huge pockets on the sides….I love pockets!

On to domestic news……

The new pansy planter is happy. The miniature pansy blooms are beautiful and I can see them from the kitchen window.

“Nobody can keep on being angry if she looks into the heart of a pansy for awhile.”

~ Lucy Maude Montgomery~

I love working in the kitchen and looking out the window at the plants and bird feeders…..

Love you,


New Years Eve

This past New Years weekend was happy. I think that it made up for such a difficult holiday. Larry and I did not go to the Dallas Symphony on New Years Eve. We looked at our tickets and agreed that it would not be a good idea to go. There were terrible storms in Dallas and to be honest, we just wanted to stay home and be together.

We dressed up and took pictures….

Photo: Larry & Robin~ New Years Eve 2020

Then we got into our PJ’s….. ate popcorn and drank Champagne in bed. We stayed awake till 1:00 am 2021.


All thank you notes have been delivered to the post office this morning. I was going to put them into the mail box, but I wanted them to go out as soon as possible.

Photo: Thank you notes and mask for the post office

I feel grateful today. There is so much good ahead of us and I am here to take part in the history that will be 2021.

Photo: Dead Zinnias in the winter sun.

Last week, I video chatted with friends far away. One of my friends in the UK, made me feel ok that I was not taking photos or even looking for fun shots anymore. The photo above is for him. I took it this morning, in the back garden.

Who inspires you or who do you inspire? I think that it is a gift to be inspired and to inspire….

Have the BEST day ever.

Love you beyond the moon.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I have always loved Halloween. It marks the beginning of Autumn for me and it is a time of whimsy and joyful moments As the middle of three daughters, I wore many hand me down costumes and even now, looking back as an adult I did not care. It was always so much fun.

In 2005, Larry was very busy with his work. Opening up the North Texas district was his job and starting an op-co for his company was always a number one goal.

I was also busy, teaching ART classes for the city and creating ART was my joy.

The first of October, 2005, I stared a new project. A costume for my pug dog and then, Libby became Pink Unicorn Pug. On October 13, 2005, I had a photo shoot with her at the local greenhouse and now, fifteen years later, Libby in that costume still makes me smile. The photo went viral as there are 1 .5 million hits on her pink unicorn video and the greeting cards using the photo are still being sold, even though my contract with the card company has run out.

Photo: Photo and costume By Robin PINK UNICORN PUG

Pink Unicorn Pug is my all time favorite costume. Libby loved it too. (Libby passed away in 2017)

I do not dress for Halloween any longer but I adore being part of celebrations, parties and Tricks and Treats.

Have a happy Halloween. Be safe and know that the spirit of The Pink Unicorn Pug is smiling on us all…..

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Oh, The Moments

Last evening, the Dallas Arboretum held a special event for members. It was a social distanced, trick or treat, dinner.

It was drizzly and 40 degrees outside and although the event was sold out, not many people were there. It was damp, cold and windy.

The gardens were EMPTY! It was wonderful. The Dallas Arboretum has one of the best Autumn displays in the country….and always so crowded that you cannot move. To be there alone, was a gift and so much fun. It was a perfect night to experience the pumpkins.

My glasses had fogged up and all above photos, taken on my big camera, were taken without my glasses on. (I don’t know why but I am proud of that)

Did you see a little zombie in a few of my photos? That is our favorite girl, Matilda. She had fun in the pumpkin village and she also trick or treated…..

…..and of course, I just enjoyed each and every moment.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Dear Jacques Pepin and Aggie

Today, Macy’s is having a huge pop up sale online and bought Larry a new winter coat. The original price is $495 and I got it for $145. Shushhhhhh. it is a secret.

Larry is the most difficult person on my list to buy for. Talking about gifts……..

Last year my cousin in CA sent me the most wonderful book.

Photo: The perfect gift for foodies

She wanted me to keep up with Sunday Dinners in this amazing journal for menus. I had a hard time keeping up with dinners (Last year was difficult for me) and guess who took over the menu book? Larry did! If I had known how well he keeps up with the menus, I would have given him a copy of the book earlier. He takes photos and makes notes, and always says: Aggie! This book is perfection!

Photo: Larry writing in the menu book

His handwriting is nice and he is articulate about the Sunday meals. Much better than anything I recorded in the beginning of the book.

When Aggie gave me this book, I adored it. Truth be told, I love it even more now that Larry has taken charge. It is turning into quite a treasure. Thank you again Aggie. You are the best.

Have you started shopping for the holidays yet? There are great deals out there…and please try to enjoy the process. It feels daunting but it will be ok. I think.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.