Jiggety Jig

Do you remember the old children’s poem, To Market, To Market? And it ends with ….home again, home again, jiggety jig? I just cannot get the poem out of my mind today.

I am sitting at my desk, hot chocolate and devotionals at my side. I will enjoy chocolate and do my reading after I say hello here. I have missed the daily blog.

Larry and I are home from spending ten days on the island of Kaua’i. Over the years it has become our home away from home. (and arrangements have been made for our ashes to be scattered there, at a certain location, when the time comes.) Is that to much information? Lets blame the jet lag. Sorry.

We had a lovely trip away. Larry did not let his work interrupt him once. The days were wonderful…balancing the art of resting and keeping busy. The perfect vacation.

Each morning we sat on the lanai and watched the sun rise and in the evenings we would meet on the lanai again to watch the sun set. Between sun events, we went on adventures.

We had the best holiday and we are glad to be home. I have about 80 photos and will share them later…for now, I just wanted to say say hello and that I missed you. Oh maybe one photo? I am always inspired by the beauty of Kaua’i….i hope that you can see it in my photos.

Photo: Kilauea Lighthouse, Kaua’i

Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Finding Joy

I have writers block today. The things rattling around in my brain are really not worthy of sharing on the blog.

No one wants to hear about the nightgown I just made out of a vintage pattern and absolutely hate or that I would love to write a letter and cannot even image who I would write it to. There is a new canvas started, the sketch pleases me, but the day is gloomy and light in my work area is dull and shadowy. I must wait for a day when the light is strong.

Larry and I are going out of town later this month. I let a few people from the city we are going to know that we would be there and would LOVE to see them, but have not heard from anyone. (Spending time with Larry is my favorite anyway)

I am reading the most wonderful book. (Becoming Mrs. Lewis) I love it so much that I am taking my time reading it, so I don’t blow through it. I have also been reading the bible. I am at EZRA. I did not record when I started reading the bible, but is taking forever. I read a chapter each day.

Happy Anniversary!….it was one year ago, I had hyperthermia. For 4 days our power was out and our house was 34 degrees the entire time. When I went to sleep at night, I did not care if I woke up in the morning or not. That is profound for me...I did not care if I woke up or not. A few days after that experience, I was bitten by a dog. http://robintolbert.com/a-dog-bite/ I am VERY happy that the anniversary is past…but I don’t think I will ever forget the experience and I now stay a safe distance away from any new dog.

I have read my devotionals for the morning. My new journal is a joy to write in and it is a new day. I have all day to be positive, connect with friends, create ART, take a health walk and do something kind for someone else.

I am not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way I lost joy. Perhaps I just expected it to come to me…forgetting that it is my responsibility to bring joy into my day. When I was younger it was easier and now I must work a bit harder for JOY.

I wish you a JOYful day….be happy and please pass it on.

Love you beyond the moon.


My Heart In Pieces

The new painting is finished. Titled, “My Heart In Pieces” complete Feb 2022. Oil on canvas.

Photo: “My Heart In Pieces” 18″ X 24″ Oil on canvas. Feb 2022

I love this painting. It came together quickly as it was just meant to be. It needs a gray frame. I might have one made for it…

Happy Valentines weekend. May your heart be full.

Love you. Me

Fabric and Documentaries

This week, I was busy making a garment….a cocktail dress. While I worked, I watched a DOC on Netflix. It was very good. Let me start by saying, I have never read an AMY TAN book…..I accidently fell across this/her documentary and enjoyed every moment of it. Amy Tan the author, will have books in my TBR pile now…..

I loved learning how brave Amy was and how her writing came to be. On a few different levels, she made me feel encouraged and positive. I will watch it again soon. Just to catch up on the little things that I missed…..

Next book on my reading list, THE JOY LUCK CLUB.

Love you beyond the moon.


Nine Years Ago

Nine years ago, this week, (2012) I was diagnosed with breast cancer. (aggressive ductal carcinoma, stage 2) My life has never been the same. My faith is stronger, my relationships are wonderful and I get the chance to remind everyone to get their yearly screenings. (hint, hint)

I was diagnosed for the second time on a Friday morning in October 2019. Remember? It was the weekend that a tree went through our roof during straight line winds. To be honest, the second diagnoses has shaken my world. That was two years ago and nothing feels quite right yet.

Larry reminds me that I am older this time…I love Larry!

My days are wonderful, I adore my husband, my daughters are truly gifts from God. Maybe I am just expecting to much? Maybe it is because I have dodged the cancer bullet twice when so many women are struggling with their first diagnoses.

I feel guilty when I ignore my cancers and I feel guilty when I talk about them. We are all so different…and handle things in our own unique way. There is not a right or wrong way, is there?

Nine years sounds so long ago…..but the 3,285 days have whizzed by me like a fast train…..

I refuse to say happy anniversary today.

Love you beyond the moon.


These Memories

Yesterday, I forgot to post on the blog. Larry asked me about it last night. He told me that he pulled up the web site and there was no June 21st, 2021 entry. I was busy yesterday morning and preoccupied. It was my daughter Jamison’s birthday, I had a virtual appointment with a speech pathologist and I also treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. It was just an odd morning and there was one huge thing that was breaking my heart……

Last Thursday, a person dear to me, passed away. Mary Garcia lived across the street from my parents when I was young. She and Mr Garcia had three beautiful children and were the most wonderful family.

The Garcia’s loved my daughters very much and one memory…when Lauren our oldest, was about 1 1/2 years old, we went to a minor league baseball game in Memphis TN with with Mr and Mrs Garcia. (YES! We always called then that even to this day) Mr Garcia fed baby Lauren jalapenos for the first time. It was so adorable. Mr Garcia was so proud of himself, and baby Lauren’s nose began to run. Mrs Garcia gave mr Garcia the What Are You Doing look…… and I just smiled…even now I can see the three of them. Lauren in her red romper having the best time with the Garcia’s.

Photo: Mr and Mrs Garcia and me maybe 1996?

Mrs Garcia was always special to me. She allowed me to feel that she was “family” while she mentored and taught me important things in life….Faith, quilting, special recipes….and how to love. I have known Mrs Garcia since 1974. She gave me something so valuable that will always live in my heart.

I miss her so much right now…that I am blasting Henry Mancini music and crying, while I write these memories…….

Love you beyond the moon.


My Cousin and Poetry

There is a sweet woman who lives in Pennsylvania. She homeschools her children, takes care of her wonderful husband and spends special time with the family. I am talking about my cousin.

Last month, my cousin read one book of poetry a day. April was national poetry month and reading one book a day was how she celebrated. Isn’t that a good idea?

I was in AWE of her challenge and asked that when the month was done, would she share her number one pick (poetry book) with me.

Last week, on May first, my cousin shared her number one book, for the month of poetry. It is OCEANIC by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived the next day.

Photo: #1 poetry book

Now….I could binge and read this book in one day, but….I am limiting myself to two poems a day. That way I can absorb each word.

Thank you for sharing this with me. How wonderful is it to be inspired by the written word?

Love you beyond the moon.


Sunday Dinner and A Movie

The windows are open this morning and Moon River ( Peter Nero’s version) is playing on my little MP3 player. You cannot know how awesome it is hearing Moon River, with the birds outside, chirping in the background.

Today, I am two weeks post surgery and Larry continues to take care of me in the best way possible. This past Sunday, he cooked dinner for us. He roasted a chicken, roasted veggies and we had Blindfold white wine with dinner and had petit fours for dessert. ( I am a secret petit four addict and we keep them in the freezer year round) Our movie was the classic GIGI. ( Larry says that the movie GIGI is like a Monet painting, come to life)

Photo: Larry even included a cheese plate with dinner
Photo: Roasted veggies, were wonderful
Photo: One of my favorite white wines~ Blindfold
Photo: Maurice Chevalier in GIGI. When I was a little girl, I had a crush on Maurice Chevalier. He was unlike any man I ever knew.
Photo: And…..Petit Fours for dessert

Larry’s dinner was wonderful and he even set the table…..

Have the best day that you can imagine.

Love you beyond the moon,



This donated tea pot is such a sweet idea, I cannot stand it.

Since Ash Wednesday, each day I donate an item from my closet in the bags that occupy the guest room. There are 3 full bags of clothing, shoes and yarn. There is also a sewing machine. (Larry bought me a new one last month.) So as I donate things from my closet for Lent…I need to find an old tea-pot for the local birds. The old things in my closet ran out weeks ago. I have been donating newer things recently. It is a little difficult. On Monday, I will deliver all of the donation bags to Goodwill.

Sharing our gifts is a joy…..

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love you beyond this moon.


What Is A Real Friendship?

Yesterday, Larry and I had a huge discussion and was about, FRIENDSHIP. It is a subject that that has hit close to home the past 18 months. How do you judge a friend? What do you expect from a friend? Do you hold a friend to the same expectations as the other people who come easily in and out of our lives, are held to?

What does your friendship look like if you BOTH are going through unthinkable bumps in the road? Do you reach out to check on your friends even though you are depressed, ill or overwhelmed with life?

OK. I am crying.

I personally believe that there is always a giver and a taker in every relationship. When the giver (or the communicator) is struggling….. what happens to the relationship? If the friendship dissolves, was it truly a friendship?

I found this list online. I love it……

A good friend walks the talk and shows that they care by their actions – big and small.

good friend:

Listen to them. Try to understand a situation from your friend’s point of view. …

Get the facts. …

Ask them what they need. …

Keep in touch. …

Tell them how you feel. …

Be willing to make a tough call.

I wrote a real letter to a lost friend a few months ago. I apologized in case I had done anything wrong and tried to make sure that she was ok. She texted me with excuses. I guess she was not a friend after all.

My daughter Lauren called me while I was writing this Friendship post….her advice was…YOU only have control over YOU. You do not have to allow anyone to ignore or insult you. OR use you, for that matter. Do not let anyone walk all over you or disrespect you. (Thank you Lars, for your thoughts)

Do you have wisdom to share? Be a guest blogger about friendship. Contact me at: robin@robintolbert.com

Be a good friend today, Let me know how you are doing!

Love you.