Garlic Cheese Bread

A few years ago, I saw this bread being made on the food channel. {I was having my nails done and copied the recipe on a scrap of paper} I have put my own spin on the recipe and it has become a favorite. It is fast to put together and delicious. Larry and I love it. Yesterday I was asked to post the recipe. Enjoy.

Photo: The Food Network gets credit

Garlic Cheese Bread


1 stick unsalted butter~melted

3 Tablespoons olive oil

4 – 6 cloves garlic minced

Kosher salt

1 – 2 teaspoons dried Oregano

1/2 – 1 cup Asiago cheese

1 {about 8″} round loaf of French Country or Sourdough Bread ~ I buy the Kroger bakery bread for this recipe


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Use a bread knife to cut a “hatch pattern into the top of the bread. {stopping short from cutting all the way through the bottom of the loaf, so it stays together.}

In the pan where you melted the butter, add the olive oil and garlic to the butter. Stir often and cook till golden. {Just a few moments}

Stir in 3/4 teaspoon salt and oregano. Remove from heat.

Gently separate the cubes of bread around the top of the loaf. Spoon garlic butter into the cuts and spread it around the cut surface. Use all butter except 2 Tablespoons.

Slather the rest of the garlic butter on top of the loaf.

Sprinkle the cheese between the cuts and on top of loaf. Wrap the loaf in foil.

Put bread on a baking sheet, bake bread till heated through about 10-15 minutes.

Unwarap the loaf, and bake 5 more minutes till top is crispy..

Serve Immediately and have fun pulling it apart!

Till next time.


Dinosaurs, Flat Tires and New Timers

Photo: At the fridge, My New Timer!

Yesterday was good. Very good. Larry and I started our day at Church. Rev. Angie had an interesting sermon as usual and a giant hug for me…as usual.

After church, we had to go pick up the tire from my car. We had a flat tire on Saturday. A screw was in it, but it was an easy repair. We picked up the tire after church.

We took the tire home and grabbed a snack and left for the Heard Museum in McKinney Texas. Dinosaurs are part of the nature exhibit now and it was wonderful. I did not have much energy yesterday. I take things one day at a time….who knows what today will bring? {always something good…I can promise you that!}

On Saturday before the flat tire, I bought a new timer for the kitchen. It is really MY TIMER, in other words, hands off to everyone else. I will use it for baking and especially making bread!

The sun is shining into my workroom. Laundry is swirling and I have plans for this morning….I wish you the same wonderful moments.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


Make It Real

Photo: Flowers from our next door neighbors

Yesterday was a “Blue Thursday”. I have noticed that on any “Blue” day, blessings come from nowhere to support and remind me of what is important.

Yesterday I tried to keep busy. I walked two miles. {that is all I can manage right now} I worked on a baby gift for a dear friend in Germany, am planning a new quilt project and cooked a fun, late dinner. Oh and we went to Costco and bought a bunch of STUFF.

Photo:Beef and cheese Frittata

Photo: Frittata, salad and toast

Larry worked all day and I took advantage of stealing him away on his lunch hour. I did get a lot done yesterday but it does not feel like it at all.

My new project is still in the works. I have so many ideas about it, that it gets confusing.

Photo: New Project

Happy Friday. Happy February tomorrow, happy weekend and don’t forget to make it real.

Love you beyond the moon.


Quilts and Things

Someone once said……A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars. I believe it. Each bed in The Cottage has a quilt.

Pboto: Prairie Crocus Quilt. Hand pieced and hand quilted by robin

Last week, I bought a small bit of fabric to make a quilt to either auction or to raffle off for the KOMEN More Than Pink 5K.

To be honest, I am not sure if there is much interest in my money makers for the annual Komen Race. {Paintings, Quilts, Gift cards, etc}

Perhaps it is just me? Maybe I should try a different something? My mind is blank. The inspiration I have enjoyed is taking a break these days.

On to a brighter note… far my life is status quo. The days are filled with mediocrity and putting one foot in front of the other. I appreciate the friends who have circled me with love and care. I am afraid that I understand why some of my friends have moved away from Larry and me. It is completely ok.

When something so overwhelmingly negative takes over your life, you are not very fun to be around….I understand. I just go cuddle under a quilt and read. Books cannot hurt your feelings.

Love you beyond the moon.


Hey Rosemary…

Have I ever told you that Larry’s favorite ice cream pie is the one the cookbook that you gave me last year? {we have other favorites too, but I am making the pie today and wanted to share.}

Photo: Vintage cookbook from Rosemary, because it is one of her favorite cookbooks and now it is one of mine too.
Photo: Making dessert for tomorrow

Life is so wonderful. You gave me a copy of one of your favorite cookbooks and when I use it, it is almost like we are visiting.

Your friendship means so much to me and I am thrilled that we get to visit in person soon. {making reservations, etc made my day yesterday}

Have a perfect day!

Love you beyond the moon.


Time Management

Photo: Finished poncho and extra yarn

Yesterday I finished knitting a poncho, for myself. I knit one for a friend in Delaware in December and I liked it so much that I made one for myself. Looks like there is enough yarn left-over to knit a hat. YAY.

Photo: I label everything that I make now. It feels wonderful to complete a project.

Yesterday I also went to the DR, walked 2 miles and had left overs for dinner. It felt like a long day, but it sped by. I know that is a contradiction, but it makes sense.

Larry is in Dallas working and the house is very still. It is times like this that I miss having a dog. They make the best, sweet noises.

Photo: In Progress

The easel is looming over me, begging for attention. Today might be the day…..but……I just brought all of the ingredients out to make cookie dough for the freezer.

Photo: Ingredients

I do not manage my time very well right now. Sooooo…. I think that I will do everything.

I wish you an “everything” kind of day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Oh! The Rocks

Photo: I found this online. I LOVE it so much.

I have been painting rocks for as long as I can remember. As a Senior in high school, {1972} I painted a rock for my all-time-favorite teacher. Mr Keating was my ART teacher. After moving every 2 years as a family and going to three high schools, getting to know teachers was difficult. Mr Keating and I became friends immediately. Mr Keating died during my senior year in high school. Upon his death, I was given the rock I painted him, back. I still have it.

Photo: Matilda’s 1/2 birthday rock

The rock above came from the Dallas Zoo on Tuesday. I painted it yesterday and started varnishing it today. Matilda’s unbirthday is this Sunday!

In the back garden, the landscape is littered with painted river rocks. My absolute favorite thing to do is paint them with Celtic designs. {They are huge rocks}

It is raining outside this morning. I had taken my camera and went to look for one of the Celtic rocks. But…it is so wet and I found….

Photo: I painted a basket of flowers on this rock.

Outside the kitchen window, I saw a rock that I painted awhile ago. It is a basket filled with flowers. I think that I painted it for Larry.

Find below, Celtic rocks on the patio. It is raining so badly….even the pansys are frowning.

Photo: River rocks with Celtic designs. I designed the symbols myself and each rock has a quote on the bottom.

I read an interesting article about people who do not use their talents. We all have certain talents. I wish that I was good with numbers or could talk in front of a group of people without puking first. {I taught ART classes/ Floral Design/ knitting/quilting/smocking/ and many other classes for children} for the City Of Plano Parks and Rec Department for many, many, years…I would always be sick before any class I taught}

I wish you a day filled with talent and happy moments.

Love you.