Camp Robi~ Day One

Last Monday was the first day of Camp Robi. We picked up Matilda at 9 AM and brought her to the cottage. She unpacked and was sweet and happy.

We were all excited. Even Larry had taken a vacation week for camp!

Each year we do a camp puzzle and we also do the Word Of The Day……

As we all were happy and excited to be together, we stuck to the schedule that I made and even had time to, go fishing!

It was a long, fun day. We ordered Golden Chick for dinner and settled in for the night.

It was a perfect first day at camp.

Love you beyond the moon.


Only For Me

Yesterday was wonderful. Larry and I caught up on all of the chores and then we had dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in Dallas. We are required to wear masks in Dallas but not in Plano. We wore our masks to dinner last night. It was still awesome.

I am hoping that followers soon find Blog. Weeks ago, I would post the link to blog on Facebook daily. Since Facebook is closed up, not many people hit the site. When I shared the link it was very convenient. Larry laughs at me, reminding me that I write this journal only for me…and no one else. It is true.

Have a lovely day. Please be kind and share the love.

Love you beyond the moon.


Camp Mail

It is true. I have a passion for REAL mail. I love to write it and receive it in our sweet mailbox. I think that Matilda loves to write letters too…

Camp has started. It has been amazing and to be honest, just being with Matilda is a joy.

We have a camp mailbox and every day, we write notes to each other.Matilda made the mailbox and gave us instructions for the notes to kind and full of happy. (She made the box on Fathers Day and filled it with notes for Larry. We are recycling).

The mail is opened each evening. We are keeping our own mail, I will save the notes in my memory book and keep them forever.

Life is truly about the simple things in life, isn’t it?

Love you beyond the moon.



The large patch of jasmine in front of the house needed trimmed. Larry will not let me do it and the patch is filled with poison ivy, that he is extremely allergic to.

Yesterday, was the day, he trimmed the patch, put his equipment away and comes into the laundry room, where he strips down and puts the clothes into the washer. From there, he goes straight to the shower and gets any poison ivy off of him. I start the washer. It is a well timed process to keep him rash free.

He came running into my work room after his shower, almost in a panic. He had left his coin in the pocket of his pants. The LOVE COIN. The love coin is a sweet thing. It is sterling silver and he carries it everywhere he goes. I gave it to him about 11 years ago and it has had a few close calls. (being lost,etc) I love how he loves it.

Don’t you hate when you do that? Forget something and almost lose it? The panic is indescribable.

I love Larry’s LOVE COIN too.

Love you beyond the moon.


I Picked Out A Few Things

Yesterday was a good day. I got things done and enjoyed myself in the process.

I have been walking. A lot. Larry is my coach and he does not let me get out of anything. I promise that I try. He walks with me each day and we walk 3.5 miles 5 times a week.

I do not weigh myself any longer. I take one vitamin D and have a yogurt each morning. (My endocrinologists’ breakfast suggestion)

Yesterday, after all our exercise and chores were complete, we went to the garden center. The plants were amazing and I picked out a few things for the back garden.

The fire pit is ready for Camp Robi (cooking out hot dogs and s’mores) and the sitting area is the perfect place to cool off after an almost 4 mile walk. Look at the wonderful plants!

I would like to thank everyone who has shared their favorite Camp Songs with me….they are on the camp list. Imagine us singing them around the fire pit!

I wish you the happiest of days…..

Love you beyond the moon.


Camp Songs and Fire Pits

If you read the blog yesterday, I talked about “the red chairs”….we found them! Who is ready to come over for hot dogs and s’mores by the fire pit? Camp begins next Monday.

It is early Monday morning right now. I have walked 3 1/2 miles, laundry is swirling and I am making the camp Robi schedule. I have the calendar, and patches in front of me but I need help with one of the activities.

I honestly don’t know why I got this patch. I do not sing nor do I know any campfire songs. PLEASE if you have a favorite camp song share it with us. we will be singing by the fire pit….nightly I guess! (If I do not hear from anyone, I will have to watch the movie, MEATBALLS for ideas!) Please write soon. XOX

Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Countdown to Camp Robi

There are seven days till Camp starts. I have schedules to make and dinners to plan. Activities will be different because Matilda is almost 9 years old now and her interests have changed.

Photo: Camp Rules-Oil on canvas by Larry and Robin

Matilda is a sweetheart. Spending a week with her is always a joy.

Because we have not gone anywhere in one year, Larry is taking a vacation week during camp! I am so excited. He and Matilda have a special relationship and having the week off, he can give her undivided attention.

It is Sunday morning. Larry and I are doing chores around The Cottage and he is out in the garden , watering, spending time in the Zen Garden weeding and just being Larry.

Our church has You Tube Services now. It isn’t very personal…but there is one sweet lady from church who texts me and checks up on us. Her name is Ginger and she is much like her name. Her kindness means the world to me.

I shall say bye on this quiet Sunday Morning. Home Depot has red garden chairs for around the fire pit and don’t you think that they would be perfect for Camp Robi?

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Love you beyond the moon.


That Flamingo Summer

I remember the summer that I had a major growth spurt. We had just moved to a new city. I did not know anyone and my family was distracted with settling into a new house. I felt out of place in a new city and in my body too.

I felt like a flamingo that summer. Tall, gangley and out of place in just about every situation.

The city we moved to, was near my Grandmothers house. As we became settled, my Grandmother called and asked me to lunch. Not my Mother or my sisters, but me. (me! Out of place Robin! Alone without my sisters! I was excited)

The day I had lunch with Grandmother, I remember feeling comfortable. I felt in charge of my long legs and although I had my manners turned on high, (my grandmother was a great lady) I was beginning to finally feel like a real person. Do you think that is an adolescent thing or a “girl” thing?

I think of my Grandmother a lot these days. Now that I am a grandmother, her impact on me is memorable and wonderful.

Who has impacted your life?

Love you beyond the moon.


Camp Plans

I am rattling around the house alone this morning, hoping to post about my “yesterday” before I start my busy today.

Yesterday, I had to make dicisions about….drum roll….Camp Robi. Is it really time? Will there be enough activities to do with what is happening in the world today? Will I have the energy to amuse an 8 year old for one week?

With Larry’s assistance, I made decisions on this years uniform and started our schedule.

I am having to work around locations that are open. Some of our favorite places are still closed due to the Covid-19. It is making things a bit difficult/different, but we can do this and my time with my Matilda is going to be wonderful.

This is year 5 for Camp Robi. I am looking forward to new and exciting activities this year and have the feeling that Matilda is going to teach me a thing or two, for instance, she is completely in love with TiK-Tok and a video game Terraria. I don’t think it will happen, but if by chance you see me dancing on Tik-Tok….it isn’t me.

Yesterday was a blessing to me. Planning camp and spending Larry’s lunch hour shopping for camp clothes. I focused on what is good, instead of watching friends take pot shots at each other on social media.

I think that (some people) should be ashamed. They are posting and preaching about love and acceptance, but the first time someone says something that they disagree with they become confrontational, rude and filled with self righteousness. It is an interesting commentary on human nature.

Life is precious. May your today be one of love, kindness…and the Golden Rule.

Love you beyond the moon.



I went onto the patio at 5 this morning. The rain was soft and I could hear raindrops falling onto the leaves of the huge mulberry tree. Then I went back to the big bed. I am having trouble sleeping, are you?

There are 3 THINGS on my GOAL list for today, one is to straighten my book shelves. Keep-donate-throw away- many cook books. Cook books are like friends to me and I don’t like parting with any of them. I have a feeling that I will not get this certain goal completed today.

I have many, many spice racks. The one above is dated, 1989 and it is the newest one I own. On my list is to dust the spice racks. I doubt that will get done today, much like the cook books.

The third thing on my list is to take apart the TEXAS jigsaw puzzle.

That has be the most boring chore in the world. Taking apart a puzzle. Oh my gosh.

I will close now, say a bientot and …work on a canvas I started and that is not even part of the 3 THINGS list.

What can I say? You have to follow your heart.

Love you beyond the moon.