Like A Child Again

Last weekend,

our granddaughter Matilda spent the night at The Cottage

while her Mother and Dad went to a concert.

It was a good weekend and

we missed her when she went home.

The awesome thing is……

Photo: Benjamin, the dog puppet, with a sleep mask on

this week, when I downloaded pictures from my camera,

I found photos taken by Matilda.

Here is our dog for now, Benjamin. {he is a puppet}

It looks like Matilda shared her sleep mask with him


cuddled him in.

I love this photo so much.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to view the world as a child again?

When I feel this way….I pull out my copy of

Robert Louis Stevenson’s

There are many copies, but this one is the best.

Illustrations are spectacular

and the verse can take you away.

We should all take the time to view the world as a child again.

How lovely would that be?

Love you.