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Picky, Picky….


I found this photo today in my camera.

It was taken months ago and I do not remember it.

Toward the end of Libby’s life, she was picky.

She ate her dinner on a  china plate,

with a  paper towel under it.

She was such a great dog…I am missing her very much this week.

{Larry is out of town and I am quite alone}

Finding these photos are killing me….

Love you.


One More Hour

My feet feel like cement as I walk around the house.

The days are odd and pretend that I am OK.

Tears come unexpectedly.

Like with any other great loss in my life,

this reality is like a dream.

I know that she is gone,

but I wish I had one more hour with her.

Love you.


I Spent Her Money

Last year, my most amazing dog  and best friend, {Libby}

made some money.

A bank in Southern CA

used 3 seconds of a video I made of her, for their commercial.

When the check came in I cashed it and carried the entire

amount in my wallet.

That was  one year ago.

I have carried that money for one year,

hoping to find something meaningful as a remembrance.

Libby will be 16 in a few weeks and has been ill.

Today I found what I had been looking for.

I cried when I saw it.

This statue is in honor of Libby.

Made by Lladro, a retired  piece titled

“Dogs Best Friend”


I felt, as long as I had Libby’s money in my wallet,

nothing could happen to her.

She has had a difficult few weeks

 and today I spent her money.

All deals are off Sweet Libby Luna.

Do what you need to do.

I love you so much.