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Sixteen Years Ago Today

Sixteen years ago, on this day,

we adopted Libby Luna Pug Dog.

She was the sweetest puppy!

Now, when we are out and shopping,

we see the Halloween card that AVANTI Press

produces with her unicorn face,

and it always makes me cry.

It feels like yesterday when I made her unicorn costume


went to the local greenhouse to take the shots.

A friend said: you are still struggling with Libby’s death?

Why, yes, I am.

She was with me when my family turned their backs on me.

Libby was my family, she was with me during family times


dealing with my breast cancer.

Libby, today I toast you!

You perfect pug dog


pink unicorn.

I love you so much.


Larry and I had colds and the flu this weekend.

Sunday, dinner and a movie was cancelled.

It looks beautiful outside today,

It might be a perfect day to start a painting.

Love you beyond the Pink Unicorn Pug.






I Spent Her Money

Last year, my most amazing dog  and best friend, {Libby}

made some money.

A bank in Southern CA

used 3 seconds of a video I made of her, for their commercial.

When the check came in I cashed it and carried the entire

amount in my wallet.

That was  one year ago.

I have carried that money for one year,

hoping to find something meaningful as a remembrance.

Libby will be 16 in a few weeks and has been ill.

Today I found what I had been looking for.

I cried when I saw it.

This statue is in honor of Libby.

Made by Lladro, a retired  piece titled

“Dogs Best Friend”


I felt, as long as I had Libby’s money in my wallet,

nothing could happen to her.

She has had a difficult few weeks

 and today I spent her money.

All deals are off Sweet Libby Luna.

Do what you need to do.

I love you so much.