The Monday Menu

Yesterday was a typical Monday. The sun was out and I felt happy and inspired. Larry was having a very busy day and I had a DR appointment at noon.

Larry typically works from 8:00 am to 5:00 or 6:00 depending on what is needed, without taking a lunch break. Ever.

Yesterday I told him that if he could finish up around 5:00, I would have a picnic ready to take to the park. He loved the idea.

At 5:00 we were both ready. I had made turkey sandwiches on croissant rolls. Had crisps, dip and chocolate cake. It was not very healthy but it was so good.

During the picnic dinner, Larry’s phone kept going off. Ping. Ping. Ping, but he ignored the phone while we were at the lake. It was wonderful. (and it was after 5)

Photo- Dax at the picnic

Larry is my favorite person and time with him helps my mind stay sharp and relevant. Plus, getting outside in the spring time air…. well, that is always a good thing.

Larry and I have been picnickers since 1977. I have videos of us picnicking at the Mississippi River (the Memphis side) eating sandwiches and Cheetos cheese balls that were a new invention.

Do you picnic? Maybe it is time to plan a special outing! Even if it is to pick up take away tacos and take them to a local park. You can go alone or with your best friend and take a book or music. Getting away from the TV and news will help your head and heart.

Love you beyond the moon.


A Watercolor Evening

My Larry had been planning a picnic for last night. The plans had been in the “works” for a few weeks. He wanted to have a celebration of sorts. We did exactly that.

Yesterday all of my breast cancer tests came back clear. After being so anxious about it forever, I thought that I would be happier than I am. I am hugely relieved, of course. I am not happy though. It is probably because I am still so pissed off about last year, and I have not gotten over it.

Larry ordered food from one of our favorite restaurants and we headed to the Dallas Arboretum for dinner. The Arboretum was having music in the garden. In different gardens, there were different ARTists. We headed to the lake and settled in.

Our picnic dinner was from GAPCO PIZZA. (A Dallas tradition) We had a Caesar salad. veggie pizza, pizza poppers, garlic rolls and little chocolates. We drank Champagne and enjoyed a classical guitarist during dinner.

I kept thinking that Larry took a gamble, planning this amazing evening for us. What if my radiologist found something in my X rays again? Larry saw me frowning a few times and made me smile instead. Larry is kind of awesome like that. The night was lovely.

I had forgotten my good camera and only had my phone. Sorry about the photos.

Photo: Celebration at the Arboretum.

Photo: Sailboats were out on the lake last night. (like a watercolor painting)

It was a beautiful evening. People wore masks and social distanced. Twilight was my favorite because it made me feel like I was in a watercolor painting.

Larry’s celebration was perfection. I love him so much and I know that he is relieved today too.

Do you celebrate things too? How do you celebrate and do you include the people around you?

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Moments Of Normality

My normal has changed and it is pissing me off. {excuse my French} We hear so much about someones “New Normal” … are they joking?

A new normal can be anything from changing the brand of laundry detergent I use, to moving to another state. In this case it is fighting a disease and how it changes my every day life.

My Larry works every day to help me a create a normal that is workable for the both of us. The little {and big} things that he does are kind and thoughtful. I don’t think that I can ever thank him enough for what he has done these past months for me.

On Saturday, he took me grocery shopping. We bought just regular things and were surprised to see how people have become selfish with the threat of CONVID 19 virus. I say that…but wonder if perhaps I should have bought a bunch of Purell and Lysol? Well, I did not buy that stuff.

But…Larry bought me a new dress and a pair of gold earrings. What is it about a new dress and a pair of earrings that has the ability to make us feel pretty and special? I have not felt like that in 6 months.

Then, yesterday, on Sunday, we went on a picnic and to a concert. We had a picnic in front of the Winspear Opera House in Dallas, Texas, on a table that I covered with the autograph table cloth.

Photo: Champagne picnic
Photo: Picnic: baguette sandwiches, potato salad, cheese, fruit and champagne.

It was a lovely evening. We talked, laughed and planned for the future

Photo: Picnic Champagne

Our good friends, Rosemary and David sent us Champagne this holiday. de Venoge. We drank their gift over the holidays and liked it so much, we try to keep a bottle on hand for picnics. Yesterday we drank a Rosemary and David Champagne. It was perfection.

We had time for dessert before the concert…

Photo: Fruit Tart

To be completely honest, I hated the picnic being over. I felt good! Larry looked so handsome and we had the best time. Being with Larry like that, fills me with love.

We went inside for the concert….oh yes. Harry Connick. It felt like a dream..wait! Maybe it was all the Champagne we drank?

Photo: Nice seats, my favorite jazz and Harry Connick.

Harry Connick sang Cole Porter. It was as if we were transported to a different time and place. Wait! Maybe it was all the Champagne we drank?

Photo: The best Jazz man. Harry Connick

Of course I invited Mr Connick to picnic with us but he was busy with sound checks and things like that….besides,

Larry and I were just enjoying our moments…..and feeling normal.

Love you beyond a Champagne picnic.


Like Magic

Photo: Fourth Of July Picnic~ 2019

Yesterday, the fourth of July, we had no plans, so I told Larry that I would make a picnic and we could go to the Dallas Arboretum.

I made chicken salad {served on croissants} , deviled eggs and brownies. Throw in some fruit & Champagne and there was a picnic! Like magic, right?

Larry had the day off so we arrived early at the gardens, I brought music and we talked. It was wonderful.

My time with Larry is the best and our picnic went by at record speed.

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday too.


I would like to thank the people who sent me notes, opinions and thoughts about the post titled: Every New School. Taking the time to share your heart is always a gift to me, Merci Beaucoup.


Larry and I got up early this morning and walked our miles at the lake. It was gloomy and humid but my time talking and walking with My Larry is the best time of the day. He is a great listener and gives great advice.

It is time for me to get busy…I wish you a happy day with lots of smiles.

Love you beyond a picnic.


It Looked Like Fun

ART by Matilda

Last Saturday,

we went to see, Josh, Lauren, Matilda and Ellie  Puppy.

It was a beautiful day and we had lunch outside.

The funny thing is, out of the 22 photos I took,

They are all of Matilda and Ellie.

I am turning into


Matilda and new Gnome from Paris

Action shot!

I am not sure what these three were up to


It looked like fun.

Special moments come in all sorts of packages.

I feel so blessed to , be here for happy, fun ,  family moments.

Life is pretty awesome.

{even when I am missing Libby Pug Dog like crazy}

Love you.




There are Times

It is a beautiful Friday Morning in Texas.

Bill Withers is  singing Lean on Me

on my favorite radio station {from Dublin, IE}


Last night, Larry and I drove 1 1/2 hours to meet

fiends for dinner in Lindale Texas.

We had the best time, laughing and visiting.


Three weeks ago, we were in London.

We stayed on a mews,

that had been renovated into flats.

We loved our flat in the mews.

We had a picnic in front of our flat  one evening

{plus a chess game}

and it was awesome.

Shall I apologize for feeling nostalgic?

There are times,

when I realize that a special moment  has sped by to fast.

Honoring a special moment is like engraving it into your heart…

Yes, and Larry won the chess game at our London picnic.

Happy weekend.

Love you more  than candy.