The Passing Of The Flag

Each year, when Larry and I go to Kaua’i, we celebrate what we call, The Passing Of The Flag.

Photo: 2022 flag

We hike a moderate trail in the canyon and at the top there is a lean-to where we tack a new American flag and a note. The note invites a Veteran or anyone who would like to pass the flag to a Veteran, to take the flag.

We pass this flag in honor of my beloved Uncle, Bruce who was a Marine and served in the Korean War. After The Uncle died, we started what we call, The Passing The Flag, while on Kauai.

This year while away on vacation, I fell. My left leg is a bit messed up right now and I was unable to hike while on the Island. Larry and I had to revert to plan B.

One night, we had reservations at Tidepools, a wonderful restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Poip’u. Upon arriving we noticed a man in the lobby selling jewelry. He was around 90 years old and wore a Navy Veteran hat. At dinner, we decided that this gentleman is who we would pass the flag along to…..

Photo; Dinner at Tidepools. Grand Hyatt, Poip’u

A day later, the flag was passed to the Veteran in honor of Bruce Stevenson, my Uncle. It is always greatly sentimental for me and wonderful at the same time.

I miss my Uncle and this way, we can do something to honor him yearly.

Love you beyond the moon.