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Little Squirt Guns

It was a beautiful evening for a 4th of July party.

Lauren and Josh had everything ready


although Larry and I were on time, we were the first people there.

As the sun went down, a few dozen people showed up

for amazing food,  fireworks and visiting.

About 12  children were  there


after dinner I was the “Pool Watcher” while

Josh created a fireworks display that was amazing.

I had the young children sit on the pool steps to watch the show.

It was so much fun.

Photo by Lauren

The moon was peeking through the clouds…

the pool was comfortable,

The fireworks show was perfect.

Larry and I brought three  little squirt guns with us to the party.

We bought them on the way to the party, from the Dollar General.

I would have bought more, but we wiped them out buying three!

I honestly cannot believe how popular they were.

{a few disagreements erupted over them!}

Do you know what is wonderful?

The day after a attending a good party.

Remembering moments that make you smile all day long.

While I am smiling, I wish you a good day.

Love you beyond the smiles.