Magic, Like Pistachio Ice Cream

Last evening, we drove into Dallas for dinner,

to a favorite bistro.

Link-Sallio Bistro!

Traffic was crazy, we talked about our day


how hungry we were.

Dinner was perfect, I had a salad….but my favorite was the

pistachio  ice cream.

 It was just like the pistachio ice cream that we get in Paris.

I was transported for a second.

To that Paris that I love so well.

Last year while in France,

I was to meet Larry for lunch  after shopping.

I saw him walking along the river before he saw me.

Then, when we saw each other.


Magic, like pistachio ice cream.

{I had pistachio ice cream that day after lunch}

What is the magic in your life?

What sweet memory holds a special place in your heart

and  helps you get through difficult moments?

I have Paris, pistachio ice cream


My Larry waving to me, as we meet in our favorite city.

Love you.


Found Photos!

Yesterday, I  found and uploaded

all of the Paris Photos from my French phone.

This very moment,

I am in the process of having them

made into a book for My Larry.

Photo: Paris 2017 November

{it is a surprise, till he reads ze  blog today}

Next week, I will share them with you….

have a perfect weekend.

Love you beyond found photos.




It Is All In The Perspective


It is good to b e home, but…..

how can I explain my moments while in France?

Each November for many years,

escaping with the love of my life

gives me many things.

A perspective of life.



New and old friends.


So much more,

and as in the photo above,

playing chess with Larry.

{he was setting up the board}

The above photo is my photo….

the photo below is Larry’s.

Larry’s memory is different than mine.

{we had panini, crisps and wine for lunch}

The chess game was a draw.

Imagine how I could have beat him

if I had not been drinking wine.

It is all in the perspective…..

Love you beyond the moon,




French Doors For Naught

By April, we usually have our

Thankful Cards for the year designed and made.

I hand make all 75 of them.

My Larry and I alternate years  designing them

and this is my year to design the card.

While on holiday last fall,

planning this years card I had a great idea.

I would pick out a charming French door

and take Larry to it, kiss him good. Real good,

then take a photo of the door.

All of the doors  would be what this years card

would be designed around.

I took a dozen photos,

gave My Larry two dozen kisses

but the design just did not translate.


But, yesterday, I had an idea.

I studied card designs while I knit…and before I knew it…progress.

So I scrapped the kissing-doorway idea….

I ordered all of my materials and photos.

Relief has set in.

2017’s card is going to be great.

Now to tell Larry that we  kissed

in front of all those doorways in Paris for nothing.

Yes, I am smiling….the rest of this post will remain personal.

Love you.


Memories, Blessings and Faith

One year ago, Lars, Josh and Matilda were in France.

We missed them very much and I was homesick to be with them.

This year has gone by very fast.

I wish someone would slow things down.


Yesterday we had the best appointment with Dr S,

of course we discussed Libby the entire time,

 remembering that my pug girl is getting older

and going forward will be with her age of 16 in mind.

I took this photo of Libs years ago


it is my favorite.

She has my vintage necklace on and it makes me smile.


Today is Maundy Thursday.

Today represents the last supper Jesus had with his disciples.

This holy week is my favorite of the entire year.

There is something so positive in the rebirth of Jesus


of Spring.

Christmas Roses~ Karen and John Cox sent us the most beautiful flowers for Christmas. I saved the roses for Holy week, remembering that things do not die. They live in our hearts forever.


I wish you positive thoughts,




many blessings.

Happy Easter.

Love you.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Many moments of my life are golden.

Lovely, golden moments of joy and love.

Today we celebrate the birth of Lauren Judith Tolbert Miller.

Born April 2, on a sunny afternoon in Memphis, Tennessee.

She was a good baby, kind child, headstrong teenager and is an amazing adult.

I thank God every day for her.

Lauren Paris

For her birthday, I wish her only days filled with positive energy


to be surrounded by people who adore her.

Happy birthday Lars. I Love you beyond the moon.


On April 2nd, we also celebrate the marriage of Lars and Josh.

In 2005 we all met in Mexico.

{30 of us!)

to witness as they promised to love each other forever.

This is my favorite photo from the ceremony.


Happy Anniversary Lars and Josh.

The two of you are a great team


so very important in my life.

Love you.


Dear Al Jarreau and Random Observations

I promise that there were a dozen birds at the feeder 5 minutes ago.

They leave so fast…

Shadows on the wall are oddly long this morning


I learned yesterday that dear, wonderful, Al Jarreau is ill.

There was a message on the computer

from a friend who knows that we adore Mr Jarreau.




Dear Al,

May I call you Al? I feel as if I have known you for thirty years.

 I would like to thank you for one evening….. one in particular.

It was a cold evening in Paris.

November 2016.

Larry and I arrived at the Olympia Theater


were delighted that our seats were so close to the stage.

We held hands and waited.

When you were announced…the audience gave you a standing ovation.

Tears crept to the corners of my eyes.

Larry squeezed my hand

and the rest of the evening felt like a wonderful dream.

We still talk about you and that amazing evening.

We listen to your music and quietly feel inspired.

Isn’t it amazing how

ARTists have the ability to touch people who need a gentle hug?

The past year, was dismal. Really dismal.

2016 will not be remembered for many happy things for us,

except a charming evening in Paris.

With My Larry and Al Jarreau.

We send love and healing thoughts.

Please remember, that if you smile in your sleep,

the angels shall adore you.



Love you.


Beyond The Roue de Paris

Yesterday, I felt under the weather.

{had a cold}

It was beautiful outside and  felt like I missed the entire day.

I read in bed then knitted and watched TV.

Last night, I cuddled next to My Larry


watched a great documentary on William Shakespeare.

It was kind of awesome.


There are 19 days left till Valentine’s Day.

Today’s Love Quote:

Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love.

~william shakespeare~

Larry Is in San Antonio and he always reads  Toujours..

Hello Love.

I hope that you have a nice day

and that your meetings go well.

Do you remember the year that we spent

Valentine’s Day In France?

That was kind of awesome too.

Libby and I miss you


 love you beyond Le Grande Roue  Ride.


Lost In Translation

I am a self professed, Diet Coke addict.

I LOVE Diet Coke.

My Larry’s father worked for Coca Cola. {30 years!}

While in Paris one day, we went to Carefore.

Carefore is our local market….to pick up a few things.

I am not so great at the whole language, product, Euro thing,

So, I do the easy shopping.

I am smiling……who am I kidding?

Larry sells food for a living, he loves to shop with me.

 I took half the shopping list and Larry took the other half.

After finding the Cokes, they were up on a high shelf.

I had to ask the stock boy to please help me


I guess my translation was really bad….

he got me  MIDGET diet Cokes. {new on the market this year}

I know that I should have asked him

to switch them for the regular size……but I was flustered.

How do you say switch in French?

When we got back to the apartment,

Larry said: What the…..????

{Like me Larry had never seen the little cans of Coke before}

I explained what happened and he has been teasing me ever since.

Last week, I saw the midget Cokes at Target!

Hummmmm this gives me an idea….LOL

Love you.

PS: This post has been brought to you because I have cut way back on my diet Coke consumption.

I drink ONE a day now.

If I Close My Eyes

It is interesting how we all have our own perspective.

Are we born with a certain perspective or do we learn it from those around us? img_5972

I confess. The oil paints have not been out in months


I cannot get enough of watercolors.

I make paper and take it with me on trips…bringing along brushes and paints.

Paris was interesting this year. I made 12 sheets of paper

and have only 4 paints to show.

It is all in the perspective I guess, but I am happy.



What is it about new places that shake up your senses


inspire you beyond belief?

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool:

It gives me the entire world.”

~Ursula Le Guin~

 I love knowing that the entire world is mine….if I just close my eyes.

Love you.