P.S. From Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday was quiet. I hope that your day was ok too. During the day, I remembered a photo or two that had special meaning……that I had forgotten to post yesterday……..here you go……

Photo:by Robin: One November, some years ago,, Jamison showed up in Paris. She was on leave from the Air Force.
On the last day of her being in France,, while leaving church, it started to snow. Jamison. and Larry.

Photo by Robin: I took this on a Friday afternoon.. We had crossed the river to listen to jazz musicians.
. I looked back at the Cathedral and the view took my breath away.. It is one of my favorite photos.

The weather here is frightful. Storms are expected this afternoon, with possibility of threatening situations. If you are in the danger zone, be safe….

Love you.


The Cathedral Of Notre Dame~Remembered

Yesterday the unthinkable happened. The Cathedral Of Notre Dame caught fire and burned extensively.. I got phone calls from old, dear friends, text messages, emails from wonderful people who wanted me to know what was happening. They also shared their hearts and thoughts about the fire.

I loved that part most of all. Kind, sweet thoughts about a place far away. Some of the messages were from people who had never been to the Cathedral. Each and every connection was simply perfect.

Larry and I have the privilege to pray at the Cathedral Of Notre Dame each year. Twenty three years now…..we have many names on our prayer list and we light candles for loved ones and others who need prayer. I cry during the prayers and while lighting the candles of hope. The moments are emotional and filled with faith. Yesterday, I cried, but for a different reason.

Larry and I went through old photos last night. I took photos of the photos, straight from the album.

Photo:: 2018 Going to Cooking class….we passed this way.
Photo: The post cards of the Cathedral change over the years. Larry loves them all.
Photo: 2001 Paris. When we saw this shot, we laughed, asking where it had been taken….
it was at Notre Dame Cathedral. The photo was on film and had double exposure.. We were sitting for prayers.
The chairs behind us are for congregation.
Photo:Lauren and Jami with the Cathedral behind them 2001-2002
Photo: This where we have prayed almost each year for many years.
This is where we light the candles too.
Photo: Me, 2018. Our prayer list was long….the candles were filled with hope.
Photo: Another vintage post card
Photo:: This is he Cross that remains now, after the fire, This is how the alter looked before the fire.

Larry and I have dozens of other photos of the church. These were the most meaningful for me. I loved seeing old moments captured.

I will be starting the prayer list early this year. Please feel free to email me your name or the name of someone whom you are concerned for…..

Today is a brand new day. Please enjoy each moment, as you never know tomorrow might hold.

Love you.


It Feels Special

I was told once that you can tell a woman’s favorite clothes designer by how she wears her everyday clothes. True?

One of my favorite designers was as tall as I am, loved cats, had a pony tail {like My Larry} and was a prolific clothes designer. He lived on rue de Universite, Paris {where our good friend Felix lives!} and started designing clothes in the late 1950’s. He often lied about his age, loved Paris and had an unusual artist wit.

M. Karl Lagerfeld Died this week at the American Hospital in Paris. He was “thought” to be 85 years old.

Photo: M. Lagerfeld and friends. One of my favorite shots.

Photo: One of my favorite dresses.

I have a wonderful Lagerfeld dress. Larry saw it and insisted I try it on. Then he insisted on buying it for me. I treasure everything about this dress. Larry picking it out for me. Trying it on, having it fitted….and then wearing it. It FEELS special. Do you know how some people make you feel wonderful? Special? That is how this dress makes me feel.

I like the “old” designers best of all. Classic lines and deep colors. Perfection.

Rest well Karl. {and thank you}

Love you.


So Much More

Yesterday was utterly miserable without Larry, while he was out of town on business. I missed hearing him in his office and when he would take a break to go to the kitchen and get junk food for energy. The house was creepy, quiet all day.

Larry and I have been married 41 years. Can you imagine being with someone that long? I cannot imagine my life without him all this time. How lucky have I been?

Photo: Larry & Robin breakfast at the apartment, Paris 2018

He takes me on adventures, supports me one hundred percent, loves me unconditionally inspires my ART…..and so much, much more.

Who can ask more than that?

Hurry home my love.

Love you.


Merci La Cuisine Paris

While in France, we are usually busy with family and friends. This year, our trip was spiced with very personal meaningful moments.

One of the things we did was take a cooking class. I have followed a Parisian Cooking School for many years on Instagram. I registered us months before class as they fill up very fast.

This year we took an hors d’oeuvre class. It was wonderful. The experience was only positive and welcoming.

We went to La Cuisine Paris.

Photo: my favorite cooking school in Paris

I shall just post the link to La Cusine Paris here~ https://lacuisineparis.com/

Photo: ME! At a Paris cooking class.
Photo: the goodies we made in class

Many people ask us about things to do while in Paris. This one is top of our list, even though it took us so long to sign up. The owner and staff of La Cuisine de Paris are amazing. English is spoken as is French. The classes are as simple or complicated as you wish to experience. I took so many photos, I learned so many wonderful techniques and we met the sweetest people. {Taking the class and working there}

My Larry is already talking about next years class that we will take. You know that LARRY DOES NOT COOK, right? Well he does now and now he feels comfortable with me in the kitchen.

Merci beaucoup La Cuisine De Paris. The experience was beyond expectation.

Love you.


A Charming Thanksgiving

Photo: Thanksgiving 2018

On the way to Thanksgiving dinner, in the taxi, I pulled my phone out and checked messages.  

It was on my Facebook, that I saw an unfortunate posting from a friend.

It is there and then,  that I deleted my account.

{I will always remember deleting my account.

Please find me on Instagram!}

We have been to le Grand Colbert before.

It is charming, light, happy and the food is delicious.

Photo: Inside le Grand Colbert

Larry and I ended up having the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.

{and I did not have to prepare it}

PHOTO: My roasted chicken.

My chicken half was brought to me, in a lovely copper pan….

I cut pieces off for my plate as I enjoyed the dinner.

Larry had the duck and perhaps we enjoyed our selves to much.

PHOTO: Larry’s duck and our wine….

No. One can never enjoy himself to much, oui?

After dinner, our waiter helped me on with my coat


the manager kissed my hand as we left the restaurant.

It was a charming Thanksgiving evening.

Please do not anyone’s selfish motives ruin your sunny attitude.

Life is to short for that.

Merde. Now I am homesick for  Pareeeee

Love you.


Moments To Remember

Larry and I have a good friend who lives in Paris.

We have known his family for 20 years


they own the BEST Italian Bistro at Place de Republic.

Bruno helps at the Bistro


also works at The Opera house.

This year while in Paris, Bruno invited us to an event.

Photo: Larry and Bruno solving mystery at Palais Garnier~Opera House

It was a fun event and we had to solve the mystery

by finding clues at certain locations in the Palais Garnier.

Photo: Clues to the mystery


Photo: Discovering the answers.


Photo: A sunny Sunday morning. Opera Garnier~Paris

Next year we will go to an opera , till then, I have the best memories.

{my favorite opera is La Travitia. I asked Bruno to “order it up”….he laughed.}

Love you.


Magic, Like Pistachio Ice Cream

Last evening, we drove into Dallas for dinner,

to a favorite bistro.

Link-Sallio Bistro!

Traffic was crazy, we talked about our day


how hungry we were.

Dinner was perfect, I had a salad….but my favorite was the

pistachio  ice cream.

 It was just like the pistachio ice cream that we get in Paris.

I was transported for a second.

To that Paris that I love so well.

Last year while in France,

I was to meet Larry for lunch  after shopping.

I saw him walking along the river before he saw me.

Then, when we saw each other.


Magic, like pistachio ice cream.

{I had pistachio ice cream that day after lunch}

What is the magic in your life?

What sweet memory holds a special place in your heart

and  helps you get through difficult moments?

I have Paris, pistachio ice cream


My Larry waving to me, as we meet in our favorite city.

Love you.


Found Photos!

Yesterday, I  found and uploaded

all of the Paris Photos from my French phone.

This very moment,

I am in the process of having them

made into a book for My Larry.

Photo: Paris 2017 November

{it is a surprise, till he reads ze  blog today}

Next week, I will share them with you….

have a perfect weekend.

Love you beyond found photos.




It Is All In The Perspective


It is good to b e home, but…..

how can I explain my moments while in France?

Each November for many years,

escaping with the love of my life

gives me many things.

A perspective of life.



New and old friends.


So much more,

and as in the photo above,

playing chess with Larry.

{he was setting up the board}

The above photo is my photo….

the photo below is Larry’s.

Larry’s memory is different than mine.

{we had panini, crisps and wine for lunch}

The chess game was a draw.

Imagine how I could have beat him

if I had not been drinking wine.

It is all in the perspective…..

Love you beyond the moon,




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