turned out OK.

I walked 3 miles. It was gloomy and I walked at Willow Bend. {Mall. RULE: not allowed to shop while walking 3-4 miles in one hour}

I worked {knitted} on a birthday project for a friend.

Last night we met friends for dinner at my favorite burger joint in Dallas.. Sandy and Robert are wonderful and interesting. Sandy is an Earth Angel and has the ability to make you feel better about everything. Thank you Sandy for being always kind.

Larry is dressing for meetings in Dallas today and I must paint. I will finish a painting today.

My summer goal is to try to have a painting in progress at all times….so far I have managed to accomplish this goal. This new painting is a bit different…I told Larry that he may look at it, but cannot comment until it is signed. {finished}

Photo: My messy work room

I will say goodbye and prepare a palette. The joy that comes from colors is amazing to me. Does everyone experience the joy from colors too? What about poor colorblind Larry?

Happy Tuesday. May the lights and colors of today touch your heart.

Love you.



Yesterday was vanilla. A day like plain vanilla. I did the laundry, tried to walk at the lake but the wind became to fierce and cold that it was impossible. I went with Larry into Dallas while he had a quick drop-off for a client. We went out to dinner and came home where I had another nose bleed.

Ten years ago, I was having a bleed almost every day. I found a great DR. who burned the boo-boo ….for six months he tried that. {i forget what that is called} One appointment, he said: one more nose bleed and I operate. I had one and he operated. That was in July 2009. I have not had a bleed till we arrived in France this year. {I blew it off as dry air in the plane} Then I had one this past Sunday {a big one} and one yesterday, { a little one} . I am so sad that after ten years…

Photo: Tuesday painting

I usually paint with oils. But….today I am trying something new, and using acrylics. Larry bought me a new set and merde, I am ready for something new. I only use acrylics when I paint with my g-daughter. It is exciting trying something new.

So, as I forge ahead, trying new and exciting mediums….the day is sunny and bright. Perfect for painting.

What are you trying new? A recipe? A new exercise? No matter what it is, stay happy.

Love you.