Blooming Again

Photo: Painting: Blooming Again by robin tolbert

Sometimes, life takes our breath away.

The sun shines differently


promises become wishes.

Friendship becomes a reality, or not.

Colors change, songs make you angry or cry.

Love becomes a blanket that circles you as you struggle.

Then when it is over,

you will find that you are BLOOMING AGAIN…..

Love you.


Abstract Highlights Painting Number 11

ART highlight day is here.

Today I have 4 paintings. {a set? or would you like just one?}

They were painted around 12 years ago…

They are 12″ X 12″ Oil on gallery canvas.

I do not remember much about them,

except they were painted

around Valentines Day one year long ago.

If you are interested, please email me at  for pricing information.

Mention paintings number 11.


I walked my laps this morning.

It is cooler today and  the sunrise was beautiful.

The lake is low because of the lack of rain,

and the ducks were wading in the mud,

plopping around with their huge feet.

Have a happy Wednesday.

 I love you beyond the moon.


Abstract Highlights Painting Number 10

Time is speeding past  and

I am feeling the need to minimize.

In this process, I am selling many of my paintings.

Each week, I will highlight a painting.

IF you are interested, please email me

for price info and include the painting number.


ART Highlight Day

Painting Number 10

Photo: Painting number 10.  Oil on canvas by Tolbert. 16″ X 20″ without frame. 21″ X 25″ with frame.

Photo: Painting number 10

This is a difficult piece to photograph.

Texture reflects the light in wonderful ways.

I took it off the gallery wall to photograph it,


Larry informed me that he had missed it very much.

If interested or have any questions, please email me for price.

This is painting number 10.


     Have a wonderful day!

Love you.