Start Moving Again

Photo: My Heart In Pieces- 18 X 24″ oil on canvas. Framed

The new painting is finished, dry, framed and yesterday Larry hung it for me. I am ready to sell it, but…I have the uncanny feeling that Larry is in love with this painting. When he loves a painting, he gives it “this is mine” vibe and he protects it in possessive way. Even though it might not sell, I love that Larry loves my work. He is my biggest fan.

I wish That you could see the painting. The colors are much better in person, vibrant and subtle at the same time.

Next up is a landscape. A canvas is on the easel, sketched out and I am waiting for the mood to strike to get my brushes out.


Last night Larry and I went to Ash Wednesday services. It must be 2 or 3 years since we had attended. Yesterday was a beautiful day and the evening was spring like. Rev. Angie performed a lovely service that I seem to be carrying with me today….

There is a friend who attended church with us (since about 1990) and I have not seen her since the pandemic started. Today I wrote her a letter, a REAL letter, even though she lives 2 miles away. Sometimes a real note or letter is better than a phone call, email or text messages. (but I like emails and text messages too!) I wanted her to know that I was thinking about her.

I am dressed to take a “health” walk. I have not walked since I had that crazy cold a couple of weeks ago. I guess it is time to start moving again.

Love you beyond the moon.


My Heart In Pieces

The new painting is finished. Titled, “My Heart In Pieces” complete Feb 2022. Oil on canvas.

Photo: “My Heart In Pieces” 18″ X 24″ Oil on canvas. Feb 2022

I love this painting. It came together quickly as it was just meant to be. It needs a gray frame. I might have one made for it…

Happy Valentines weekend. May your heart be full.

Love you. Me

London Sky

Photo: London Sky, 2010- by robin-oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I adore the UK. This is one of the tributes I created in honor of London. I have been to England a few times and cannot seem to get enough. I will be going again soon. Can you hear/see the excitment in my font?

The painting above is for sale. It is 24″ X 30″. If you are interested please email me. Other available ART is at the link below.

Love you beyond the moon.


Abstract Highlights Painting Number 11

ART highlight day is here.

Today I have 4 paintings. {a set? or would you like just one?}

They were painted around 12 years ago…

They are 12″ X 12″ Oil on gallery canvas.

I do not remember much about them,

except they were painted

around Valentines Day one year long ago.

If you are interested, please email me at  for pricing information.

Mention paintings number 11.


I walked my laps this morning.

It is cooler today and  the sunrise was beautiful.

The lake is low because of the lack of rain,

and the ducks were wading in the mud,

plopping around with their huge feet.

Have a happy Wednesday.

 I love you beyond the moon.


Abstract Highlights Painting Number 10

Time is speeding past  and

I am feeling the need to minimize.

In this process, I am selling many of my paintings.

Each week, I will highlight a painting.

IF you are interested, please email me

for price info and include the painting number.


ART Highlight Day

Painting Number 10

Photo: Painting number 10.  Oil on canvas by Tolbert. 16″ X 20″ without frame. 21″ X 25″ with frame.

Photo: Painting number 10

This is a difficult piece to photograph.

Texture reflects the light in wonderful ways.

I took it off the gallery wall to photograph it,


Larry informed me that he had missed it very much.

If interested or have any questions, please email me for price.

This is painting number 10.


     Have a wonderful day!

Love you.