Run Over By A Truck

Hi, Happy Wednesday.

The only reason I know that it is Wednesday

is because Larry told me it was.

Somehow, I missed yesterday.

Yesterday, I woke dizzy, disoriented, throwing up


I think that a truck must have run over me in my sleep.

I threw up all day. When I was not  throwing up,

I was sleeping and burning up with fever.

Somewhere in my delirium, I thought of the mosquito  bite I had on Saturday.


I reminded Larry.

Buy that time, my primary DR had gone home

so off we went to his favorite Urgent Care.

{Larry does not have a primary care DR, he loves  his Urgent Care Doc}

Thank goodness the DR pooh-poohed the West Nile theory.

She said I had a bug OR the beginning  appendicitis.


She gave me meds to stop barfing,

and told me to go home,

keep an eye on my pain and go to the ER if it continues.

I took my anti nausea  pill and snuggled in.

I do feel better today. No pain on my right side,

but I wonder, where did I catch a flu bug in August?


The worst thing was, being sick and not having a dog to cuddle with.

Thank goodness for Benjamin.

{Matilda and I adopted him a few weeks ago from the  Modern ART Museum}

Do you know the best thing about being sick?

It is when you start feeling better again.

Thank you for listening…..Blessings abound.

Love you.