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I am so excited for this coming year.

So many projects and  ideas

to bring to reality!


After I post an entry here, on the blog,

I add the link  for it to Face Book. Just a link.

This is just a reminder,

Please add your comments HERE

on the blog. {not Face Book}

I will not be on Face Book to read your comments.

I will not be on Face Book to read your comments.

Your kind comments will not appear right away,

I approve each one for now.

Please know that I love hearing from you all.



Larry and I had a wonderful New Years Eve.

I will post more about it {and our wonderful dinner}  later

because today, I am working.

Have a lovely  first day of 2018.

Love you.


Sunday Dinner and a Movie

Our Sunday turned upside down yesterday.

But we held steady with traditions.

Sunday dinner and a movie!

Larry requested a Country Burger-burger {our local burger joint}


a movie that Jamison told us about.

Lets face it, for a crappy New Years Day,

it was OK.

Our burgers were awesome

but that movie was even better.

We loved it….

LOVE this movie….oh yes, well. it does have Jeff Bridges in it.

Happy New Year and Happy Sunday, Dinner and a Movie.

Love you.