It’s All In The Lighting

Photo: The First Photo taken with the new camera

Larry Said: It is time that you have a new camera. The camera you are using, limits you and is sub-par. Then he said: Happy Early Birthday!

The pin cushion above was given to me years ago by Lauren. The lighting makes me smile…not to mention, the subject is perfection.

Merci beaucoup Larry Ray.

Love you.


New Adventures

Photo: by robin: Paris Picnic With My Larry 2017

Last week, my old red point and shoot camera died.

Needless to say,

I am cleaning out the photo card

{photo above was on the card}


getting ready for a new camera.

Larry picked out the  camera


said it would be delivered today.

I am a bit sad to lose Old Red

but looking forward to  creative adventures with

a new camera.

Besides, I ADORE Amazon deliveries.

Love you.