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These Two

I LOVE this photo.

It was taken at Jami’s  birthday celebration this year.

I have always envied  father~daughter relationships.

The lucky girl  knows that the first man she has ever loved,


make sure that she is safe and protected for as long as he is alive.

My Larry is that kind of dad.

And this daughter, Jamison had one heck of a bad year….

but when I see this picture….

I know that everything is going to be ok.

Those smiles tell the story.

Love you beyond speed racing.




Like Crazy


Have you ever been in love?

{don’t you adore that Peter Cetera song?}

I have been in love with the same man for 2/3 rds of my life. {over forty years}

I never get tired of him or his voice.

When he is away, like he is today…I want to stay still till he comes home.

Then I can move again.

Hurry home, sir.

Missing you like crazy.

Love you beyond heart shaped leaves on the sidewalks of Paris.



Picasso & Matisse~Matilda & Larry

I have an amazing passion for Matisse and Picasso. Their lives were intertwined, they loved and disliked each other. They inspired each other and fought for their own point of views. I cannot get enough of them and the history behind thier ART.

I also love these two….



This  is the same photo location, 7 months apart in Paris France. Next time, I will have My Larry and Matilda together in front of this painting at the Picasso Museum. This wonderful museum is worth the visit. You will be in awe, inspired and in love.

Please have an inspired day today. I feel joy in the air.

Love you,