Ariel Touched me

On the Saturday before Mothers Day, 2017,

my girls came to The Cottage


we waited for Matilda to throw up.

{she had not been well that morning,

so we waited to see if she

was feeling better, for our “day”.}

Matilda and Jami played The Troll Game while resting.

When Lars gave us the ALL CLEAR……

we left for FT Worth for lunch and a play!

We went to a restaurant that had wonderful food


a beautiful salt water fish tank.

We had a good time visiting and eating


getting ready for the play.

We saw……

The  Little Mermaid.


{OK tease me, but I love it so much!}

Here is Matilda with the cast…after this picture was taken,

Matilda whispered: Ariel touched me!


A month ago, I asked Larry is we could find tickets

for this play, for Mothers day.

Oh our awesome tickets!

{ I will share more about our tickets in a later post}

As I edit this post,

I am listening to 

The Little Mermaid soundtrack…..

I am happy, content and in awe.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring

but when I have yesterdays like this one….

I am reminded what life is all about.

Love you.