The Heart Of A Pansy

Yesterday was a calm Monday. I got laundry done, walked laps at the lake and made Larry onion soup for dinner. It was a productive day.

The best part of yesterday was, the mail. Larry surprised me with a 23 and Me kit. (Larry received one for his birthday and thought he would include me in the fun) Soooo, I spit into the vial, sealed up the box and in three weeks I will have the DNA results.

A few weeks ago, I had ordered a dress pattern from EBAY. It arrived yesterday and I was impressed with the packaging and the owner of the Vintage pattern company!

Photo: The new pattern was wrapped

The pattern looked like a gift…

Photo: The company who I bought the pattern from. I will order from them again.

I bought a summer dress pattern….because Larry booked our beach trip for 2021! I am nervous about the world and what it will look like when we are able to travel. The trip is months away….and I have time to make some summer things now.

Photo: This is the pattern that arrived yesterday

I love the new pattern. I can make it out of gauze to wear over my bathing suit and some fun fabrics to wear during the day with sandals. It has huge pockets on the sides….I love pockets!

On to domestic news……

The new pansy planter is happy. The miniature pansy blooms are beautiful and I can see them from the kitchen window.

“Nobody can keep on being angry if she looks into the heart of a pansy for awhile.”

~ Lucy Maude Montgomery~

I love working in the kitchen and looking out the window at the plants and bird feeders…..

Love you,


There Aren’t Many Things

Have you ever noticed that

problems seem so much worse

in the middle of the night?

It drives me mad…and keeps me awake.

There are not many things that I dislike more than

two of hours of  American Ninja Warrior

at 2 AM while I cannot sleep.

It makes it difficult to get up in the morning.

This morning, my coach, My Larry, suggested

that  our post marathon rest should be over.

So after a week off from exercising, we got up, dressed


went to the trail.


after raining and flooding all last week

the park/trail was not fit for a good lap.

Photo: After flooding over the weekend, you can see how high the water got.

Photo: the mud and slime on the trail made it to slippery to pass.

We got a couple of miles in and came home.

I am listening to my favorite radio station,  {from Dublin}

laundry is swirling and

my desk is cluttered with the creation known as “Larry’s Quilt.”

It is drizzling outside again and I have three {real} notes to write.

Monday has officially  started.


Dear hearts.

I wish you a beautiful day.

I wish you moments to remember

and a full nights sleep.

Love you beyond…….you fill in the blank?