High Over The Trees

We arrived at the lake before 6:30 am

and walked 5 miles.

Photo: 6:30 am at the lake….

This is how it looked this morning, with the moon

still high over over the trees.

We go early in the mornings now,

so Larry can come with me.

How wonderful is that?

He WANTS to part of this process.

{ I am in TRAINING!}


Yesterday, I saw that a young {20-ish} couple,

part of a reality show, have left the show

to write a book and give podcasts on life and love.

Please correct me if I am wrong,

but what advice  can  a 20 something give?

What life experience has touched them

and have they had time to process the

life they have lived so far?

I have to smile.

Why don’t they just live their lives….

accepting God’s grace and know that when they hit 40,

life is going to change….

and then again at 60.

 Millennial’s are so busy trying to analyze everything,

that they are forgetting to live.


This morning, I am sewing, making meatballs

for  my home made spaghetti sauce


I have promised myself reading time.

{I have been neglecting my book list}

Be happy.

Live your life….

Love you.