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Camp Robi Recap-The Last Day

We started talking about Camp Robi months ago.

This year, Matilda decided that she would like a sleep over camp…

for three nights {and four days}…and that is exactly what we did.

Re-cap last day, Thursday, day 4…….

Breakfast, yoga and

Photo: Angel food cake with bees made out of sugar.

we baked a cake.

{someone  wrote and asked me where I found the bees…

 on Amazon!}

Matilda had been sketching each morning of Camp-Robi


on this last day she painted what she had been sketching.

Photo: Matilda and watercolors.

Photo: Matilda’s watercolor pug

She painted a pug dog.

We were a bit quiet , knowing that tonight she would be back home.

We had plans to meet her parents at a French Cafe that we like…

and then go to the Rough-riders Baseball game.

We arrived at the cafe first…then her parents came.

She was happy to see them!

The baseball game was rained out…but we had a nice visit…..

I guess you can tell that I miss this happy face…..

AND today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel. Make  Happy Memories!


It is Thursday but feels like Friday to me.

Happy Birthday to Karen-Susie. Your friendship is a gift to Larry and to me.

Have the BEST day! XOX

When I post this …I must then  work on a painting.

Have a wonderful day…. And birthday  Matilda and Karen!

Love you.


A Jar Of Rocks

Last week, on Instagram, I posted a photo of The Cottage orchid.

It is reblooming again and beautiful.

Yesterday a friend asked about it

and I thought that I would post today’s


Photo: The Cottage Orchid


Last week, Matilda gave Larry and me a gift.

A jar of rocks, hand picked for us

to make us happy.

This is a gift, a true gift, from the heart.

Sometimes, people touch us in the most wonderful way

and do not even realize it.

Like a six year old girl, named Matilda.

Have you ever given someone a gift similar to a jar of rocks?

Love you.




This Brand New Week

On Friday,

we picked Matilda up and took her on an adventure.

We saw the movie, Paddington Bear and then played the

afternoon away at  Dave and Busters

Photo: Matilda at Dave & Busters

She spent the night at The Cottage.

The next day, Saturday,  she helped Larry feed the birds.

Photo: Matilda in the garden

Photo: Matilda reading a book sent to us from my friend, the author, Ingmar Gregorzewski

The book is in German. Now we must translate it!

Photo: Matilda working on the dollhouse

Matilda was a  perfect guest and our time went to fast.

Sunday, My Larry scrubbed the kitchen floor.

How wonderful is that?

Photo: Old Cottage floor, sparkling clean!

Today is rainy. I will work on the auction quilt…..and make soup.

Photo: Bounty for today’s Crock Pot soup

Last week, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

I take medicine and test my hemoglobin numbers every .

I have been walking 3 miles 5 times a week….and  eating better.

Larry threw the M&M’s that were in the candy jar…..into the trash

and he is behind me 100%.

It had been a long eventful week.

I am looking forward to quiet time piecing the special auction quilt,

and exercising at the  indoor track.

May your day be one filled with quiet, reflecting  moments too.

{and exercise!}

Ok, now  I must go dice up that acorn squash!

Love you.




Soccer and Ghosties

Last Saturday,

we were invited to the country to watch Matilda play soccer.

She was ready….


and played goalie.

After the game, we went to Subway for lunch…

and then on to the MIller’s house

to make GHOSTS!

Larry and I brought the materials….and we got busy with Lars and Matilda.

{Josh opted to mow the yard}

We glued yards and yards of cheesecloth onto manikin heads.

Matilda was enjoying the process very much.

We left the manikin ghosts on the Miller’s kitchen table to dry.

But I know for a fact that they are now floating around their front porch.

After making ghost manikins, we brought Matilda to The Cottage

where she spent the night,

It was a PERFECT Saturday.


It is drizzly and damp outside today.

I am getting the cottage ready for guests tomorrow….

sounds fun, yes?

Have a happy, kind day.

I love you beyond 100 yards of cheesecloth.

{YES. I have left overs}

Love you.



Walking The Runway

Last Saturday,

Matilda was in the Neiman Marcus

Children’s Fashion show.

It was so much fun and she loved it.

My camera was almost dead

but I captured a moment….

a sweet wonderful moment.

I can close my eyes and see Matilda walking down that runway.


am thankful that Lars and Josh included us at the event.

Yesterday was quiet at The Cottage.

Larry was closed off in his office all day


he answers yes, no and maybe

when he is so busy.

He loves his job.

He is gone to meetings today.

I will leave to do errands in a moment….


lets all try to walk with the same confidence

that Matilda had in the fashion show…

Love you.


Simple Moments


I organized  plans/lists  for Christmas gifts.

I will be making everyone’s gifts again this year.

Lauren’s gift  is almost finished! YAY.

I ordered materials from amazon and other stores.

It is a bit overwhelming, but I can do it.

There is one gift, {for Josh}

that I suspect will be in progress while in France.

But, that’s ok.

At least I have started planning.


Last evening, Larry and I babysat Matilda.

Lauren and Josh had a teachers meeting.

We arrived and Matilda ran out to the car,

hugging us hello.

She is brave, beautiful and quite brilliant.

She ran to the porch and picked a flower, handing it to me.

She made my day.

I wore the flowers in my hair

and as the evening progressed, I took them out and took this photo.

Simple moments of pure beauty,

I hope  they will live in my heart forever.

Love you.


Happy 6th Birthday Matilda


In the past decade, I have had a few life changing moments.

Being disowned by  a parent,

having breast cancer,

losing a beloved canine companion.

But, with out a doubt, having granddaughter Matilda in our lives,

makes everything RIGHT…if you know what  I mean.

There is something about the continuation of life/generations

that reminds us that all of the other stuff in our lives,

 does not matter.

It does not matter at all.

So, here is to My Girl.

Today she turns 6 years old.

Happy Birthday Ma Cherie

4 days old, with Champagne. Photo by Larry


Thoughtful, curly headed angel…..look at her tiny feet!


This thoughtful girl is the definition of  all things good to me.

She is Love, family, Inspiration and joy

all wrapped into one sweet girl.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

May all your dreams come true.

Love you beyond the moon.



Having Company


Yesterday was SUPER busy


a certain granddaughter is coming over today.

I was getting things ready for Matilda and baking gifts for Larry’s clients.

Also, yesterday, I posted a recipe.

Here is the link: http://robintolbert.com/recipe-chaud-noix/

The recipe is for flavored {spicy hot} nuts. Perfect for parties or gifts.

Please check it out!

Enjoy a lovely weekend.

Be kind today….it is so much easier than being  b-i-itchy.

{excuse my French}

Love you!


Picasso & Matisse~Matilda & Larry

I have an amazing passion for Matisse and Picasso. Their lives were intertwined, they loved and disliked each other. They inspired each other and fought for their own point of views. I cannot get enough of them and the history behind thier ART.

I also love these two….



This  is the same photo location, 7 months apart in Paris France. Next time, I will have My Larry and Matilda together in front of this painting at the Picasso Museum. This wonderful museum is worth the visit. You will be in awe, inspired and in love.

Please have an inspired day today. I feel joy in the air.

Love you,