Love, Direction and Care

I made a quilted wall hanging years ago. It is a wine bottle on the front, Mariners Compass on the back and it was for Larry. When I look at it, I cannot believe that I had such patience to envision it and then complete it. I was much younger then….I am laughing.

Photo: Front of the piece.
Photo: Back of the piece. Mariners Compass

The piece is hand quilted…and the design is “Wine Glasses”…..You can see the shadows of the stitched wine glasses in the front view.

I adore the Mariners Compass design. Its meaning exudes all things good. LOVE, DIRECTION, and CARE.

We need to be reminded that at some point in our lives, we need love, direction and care….or perhaps share love, direction and care with someone who is struggling.

Love you beyond the moon.


Return To Me

I went to the DR yesterday and my blood pressure was so high, my DR is having me chart it for 2 weeks. (Yikes) I am also having a dozen tests done this week. My question is….when an office looks like this, who wouldn’t have high blood pressure?

Photos: Top: The outer waiting room. Middle: The Exam room. Bottom: the cartoon video instructing us how to meditate.

I walked around the lake a couple of times when I came home from the DR and it gave me time to think. After dealing with surgery and treatment from #2 breast cancer, I have not been eating well, days are NOT spent exercising like I should and anxiety is always nudging my brain… is just such an odd time.

It is an odd time for ALL OF US and we worry about the friends that we have not heard from. They are included in my daily prayers, hoping that they are just preoccupied and not ill.

There is a movie that I like. It is considered one of our Comfort Movies. It is “Return to Me”…..Have you seen it? The soundtrack is playing this morning and I feel very sentimental. Often, I wonder if everyone is feeling like me, having high blood pressure, prayerful and feeling sentimental?

Photo: Movie, Return to Me

Return to me is one of my favorite movies. It reminds me what is truly important in our lives. The music is one of my favorite soundtracks…. even Larry likes it. Please watch it if you feel inclined, or better yet, listen to the soundtrack. It will remind you what is important in your life. (LOVE)

I send love and calm to you today.

Love you beyond the moon.


Oh! The Rocks

Photo: I found this online. I LOVE it so much.

I have been painting rocks for as long as I can remember. As a Senior in high school, {1972} I painted a rock for my all-time-favorite teacher. Mr Keating was my ART teacher. After moving every 2 years as a family and going to three high schools, getting to know teachers was difficult. Mr Keating and I became friends immediately. Mr Keating died during my senior year in high school. Upon his death, I was given the rock I painted him, back. I still have it.

Photo: Matilda’s 1/2 birthday rock

The rock above came from the Dallas Zoo on Tuesday. I painted it yesterday and started varnishing it today. Matilda’s unbirthday is this Sunday!

In the back garden, the landscape is littered with painted river rocks. My absolute favorite thing to do is paint them with Celtic designs. {They are huge rocks}

It is raining outside this morning. I had taken my camera and went to look for one of the Celtic rocks. But…it is so wet and I found….

Photo: I painted a basket of flowers on this rock.

Outside the kitchen window, I saw a rock that I painted awhile ago. It is a basket filled with flowers. I think that I painted it for Larry.

Find below, Celtic rocks on the patio. It is raining so badly….even the pansys are frowning.

Photo: River rocks with Celtic designs. I designed the symbols myself and each rock has a quote on the bottom.

I read an interesting article about people who do not use their talents. We all have certain talents. I wish that I was good with numbers or could talk in front of a group of people without puking first. {I taught ART classes/ Floral Design/ knitting/quilting/smocking/ and many other classes for children} for the City Of Plano Parks and Rec Department for many, many, years…I would always be sick before any class I taught}

I wish you a day filled with talent and happy moments.

Love you.



Photo: Larry and Robin 2012

This morning, I read the blog of one of my favorite bloggers. She, like me, blogs on a intimate level, somewhat like a journal. Her subject was marriage. She includes a photo with each entry and her message is personal.

I thought, maybe I should share about my marriage. Larry is my favorite person in the world and sharing would be so easy. But not really.

Because people are so different, marriages are that much more different. The shelves in my work room are facing me right now and hold a photo of my parents on their wedding day. They were married for 47 years when Mother died. Norman, my father, found a woman within one month after mother died. I know that Norman loved Mother on some level, but to forget her within a month? Did he forget her?

Larry and I have been married since 1977. I feel like my life started when I married Larry. {My family story is one of dysfunction and abuse} Larry and I are… get ready for it…soulmates! Sorry, but true. I find myself content, protected and so much in love with this man. Our faith binds us, our spirit encourages us and our love covers all the bases when everything else falls apart.

OK, so it is true. I have not been well. I wake up tired and get more exhausted as the day progresses. My mind gets foggy about a lot of things, but not Larry.

I watch him pay the hospital bills, cook me dinner and protect me as this journey goes on. There is not a Thank You big enough to cover what he has done for me. Being a soulmate gives me the ability to know, in my heart, that one day, I will be able to do the same thing for him.

You can tease me about being so in love with my husband. Somethings are just so wonderful, teasing does not hurt us at all.

Love you beyond the moon.


Dinner In Austin

On Thursday, My Larry and I got up very early and drove to San Antonio. He had meetings and I had my knitting. After his meetings, Instead of staying in San Antonio, we drove back to Austin where we checked into our favorite little hotel.

Sweet, wonderful, Larry. He said that if I kept him company on the trip, he would take me to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Austin for dinner

That is exactly what we did. Our hotel is a few blocks from the restaurant. It is a nice walk in downtown Austin, Texas to and from dinner.

Photo:Dinner in Austin

Are you ready for a brand new year? I think that I am,

Have a happy, wonderful day….it is Sunday dinner and movie day!

Love you,



As I prepare for 2018, I reflect on this past year.

It was great and awful

and  is ending on a funky note.

photo: I bring a leaf home from France each year. This year, I brought two.

So much kindness has been shown to Larry and I this year,

it takes my breath away.

I have ALWAYS said:

People treat you the way they feel about you.

Thank you for that.

You know who you are, who have touched our hearts

We are better people for knowing you.

As I think about this….

to the people who have been

rude, snide, argumentative and  disrespectful.

I forgive you.

I am sorry that you have such a hard heart….

I really have nothing to say to you, sorry.

Ready for a confession?

I have been resisting these donuts for 24 hours.

Stand back….I am headed to the kitchen right now….

Love you for taking the time to read my words.


It Looked Like Fun

ART by Matilda

Last Saturday,

we went to see, Josh, Lauren, Matilda and Ellie  Puppy.

It was a beautiful day and we had lunch outside.

The funny thing is, out of the 22 photos I took,

They are all of Matilda and Ellie.

I am turning into


Matilda and new Gnome from Paris

Action shot!

I am not sure what these three were up to


It looked like fun.

Special moments come in all sorts of packages.

I feel so blessed to , be here for happy, fun ,  family moments.

Life is pretty awesome.

{even when I am missing Libby Pug Dog like crazy}

Love you.




Perhaps I Can

It was a lovely weekend.

We worked around the house,

met  friends, Karen & John for dinner on Saturday


went to the country for dinner last night.

There was a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 month old

{the 4 year old and the 2 month old are the

children of Lauren and Josh’s best friends}

at dinner.

I loved it.

I sat on the patio for hours,

enjoying the air,

the sounds of children,

delicious food


watching my family in the early autumn night.

I was very thankful.

Matilda held baby Salma.


This morning I hold Las Vegas in my heart and prayers.

After my wonderful  evening, last night,

I find it difficult to imagine such hate.

Where does a hard heart come from?

Today, perhaps I can do one kind thing

for someone who is angry or down or just needs a smile,

Love you beyond the moon.



Just a Question

Good Morning.It is super quiet in the house…

and my brain has been a bit agitated.

Let me explain.

My love for history is well known

and because of this, I have one question. Maybe two.

When the time comes to tear down George Washington’s statue

{and it will happen, because he owned slaves}

will tearing it down, change history in any way?

The ARTist’s work will have been damaged beyond repair


after the immediate adrenaline  rush,

the persons who brought it down,

are going to have the same old history to contend with.

I was wondering if the destruction is worth it?

Where is all of this hate coming from?

Love you.