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It Looked Like Fun

ART by Matilda

Last Saturday,

we went to see, Josh, Lauren, Matilda and Ellie  Puppy.

It was a beautiful day and we had lunch outside.

The funny thing is, out of the 22 photos I took,

They are all of Matilda and Ellie.

I am turning into


Matilda and new Gnome from Paris

Action shot!

I am not sure what these three were up to


It looked like fun.

Special moments come in all sorts of packages.

I feel so blessed to , be here for happy, fun ,  family moments.

Life is pretty awesome.

{even when I am missing Libby Pug Dog like crazy}

Love you.




Perhaps I Can

It was a lovely weekend.

We worked around the house,

met  friends, Karen & John for dinner on Saturday


went to the country for dinner last night.

There was a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 month old

{the 4 year old and the 2 month old are the

children of Lauren and Josh’s best friends}

at dinner.

I loved it.

I sat on the patio for hours,

enjoying the air,

the sounds of children,

delicious food


watching my family in the early autumn night.

I was very thankful.

Matilda held baby Salma.


This morning I hold Las Vegas in my heart and prayers.

After my wonderful  evening, last night,

I find it difficult to imagine such hate.

Where does a hard heart come from?

Today, perhaps I can do one kind thing

for someone who is angry or down or just needs a smile,

Love you beyond the moon.



Just a Question

Good Morning.It is super quiet in the house…

and my brain has been a bit agitated.

Let me explain.

My love for history is well known

and because of this, I have one question. Maybe two.

When the time comes to tear down George Washington’s statue

{and it will happen, because he owned slaves}

will tearing it down, change history in any way?

The ARTist’s work will have been damaged beyond repair


after the immediate adrenaline  rush,

the persons who brought it down,

are going to have the same old history to contend with.

I was wondering if the destruction is worth it?

Where is all of this hate coming from?

Love you.





Happy 6th Birthday Matilda


In the past decade, I have had a few life changing moments.

Being disowned by  a parent,

having breast cancer,

losing a beloved canine companion.

But, with out a doubt, having granddaughter Matilda in our lives,

makes everything RIGHT…if you know what  I mean.

There is something about the continuation of life/generations

that reminds us that all of the other stuff in our lives,

 does not matter.

It does not matter at all.

So, here is to My Girl.

Today she turns 6 years old.

Happy Birthday Ma Cherie

4 days old, with Champagne. Photo by Larry


Thoughtful, curly headed angel…..look at her tiny feet!


This thoughtful girl is the definition of  all things good to me.

She is Love, family, Inspiration and joy

all wrapped into one sweet girl.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

May all your dreams come true.

Love you beyond the moon.



This, Our Wonderful Country

I woke up this morning to Good Morning America on  the TV.

There was a lot of rude discussion and innuendo.

You might notice that I do not usually share my political views online.

{why would I? Would you change your mind to agree with me?  I think not}

After listening  to George Stephanopoulos for 15 min. I sighed.

It must have been a loud sigh

Because Larry said:

Well, that is  12 minutes we will never get back.

All of this political fighting has been going on for decades.

I have been watching a documentary series called The Roosevelt’s on Netflix.

It is well done and enlightening.  Two thumbs up.


There are hungry people in our communities.

People who need donor organs or blood.

There are so many things to put our energy toward.

This, is our wonderful country and there is no other place like it.

Lets  just remember what is important

God Bless America

Love you.






Birthdays and Anniversaries

Many moments of my life are golden.

Lovely, golden moments of joy and love.

Today we celebrate the birth of Lauren Judith Tolbert Miller.

Born April 2, on a sunny afternoon in Memphis, Tennessee.

She was a good baby, kind child, headstrong teenager and is an amazing adult.

I thank God every day for her.

Lauren Paris

For her birthday, I wish her only days filled with positive energy


to be surrounded by people who adore her.

Happy birthday Lars. I Love you beyond the moon.


On April 2nd, we also celebrate the marriage of Lars and Josh.

In 2005 we all met in Mexico.

{30 of us!)

to witness as they promised to love each other forever.

This is my favorite photo from the ceremony.


Happy Anniversary Lars and Josh.

The two of you are a great team


so very important in my life.

Love you.


Just A Smile

Yesterday, My Larry and I went to McDonalds and bought 10 gift cards.

{he is taking 5 and I am taking five}

Whenever we see anyone who might need a meal,

a thank you,

a  hug

or a Merry Christmas!

We will give them a card……

maybe you have something you would like to share

with someone in need.

Even if it is just a smile.

Love you,


Like Crazy


Have you ever been in love?

{don’t you adore that Peter Cetera song?}

I have been in love with the same man for 2/3 rds of my life. {over forty years}

I never get tired of him or his voice.

When he is away, like he is today…I want to stay still till he comes home.

Then I can move again.

Hurry home, sir.

Missing you like crazy.

Love you beyond heart shaped leaves on the sidewalks of Paris.



Orangina and Patisseries

Libby threw up on the bed very early this morning. After all of the vacation laundry I did yesterday, today was to be a non-laundry day. Insert my frown face here.

Last week, while in France, My Larry would go to the patisserie for our breakfast while I slept in. He would bring back our favorite, raisin pain. I would drink tea or diet Coke {in my new mug} and of course Larry drank Orangina while we had breakfast at the table by the window. Larry only drinks wine and Orangina while in Paris. To be honest, he is like a man possessed about Orangina. It is kind of funny.


One day, I walked to the patisserie and took a picture of our neighborhood from the tables in front. It is a lovely area, with families and kiddos on push scooters. Happy family voices choosing bread and pastries for the day. I wish that I spoke French better than I do…



After twenty years of trips to Europe, I love the feeling of home. My appreciation for life is magnified during and upon return from any trip for me.

This past year was not a happy one for our family. My view of some people is somewhat jaded. The good news is, My favorite color is green and I adore Jade….going away was once again a blessing for us. Being away. Not thinking about how hurtful people can be and how a lovely family can be fractured by the actions of one outsider.

I am happy. Larry is awesome. We are ready for busy holiday weekends and remembering that the the joy of this season  is because of love and forgiveness.

Love and Forgiveness.

Love you.