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The Story, MOHs or Less


I am feeling ok for a moment and thought I would write.

So many texts and mails, asking me what happened this week,

If you forgive me, I will answer everyone here.

Monday I had MOHs surgery scheduled.

A large cancer on my scalp, again. This is #3.

I went to surgery and Dr M is terrific.

He got all of the cancer and stitched me up.

{I love him and his office}

Larry brought me home.

I rested, read, knitted.

Larry made me dinner around 5.

After eating, I felt bad.

It felt like indigestion but lower.

I started vomiting.

I kept vomiting till 2:00am Tuesday morning.

It is then Larry swept me up and took me to Baylor Emergency.

I was carrying my barf bowl,

I was pacing because of the pain

and barfing.

The nurse asked if I was having an anxiety attack.


I was admitted to the hospital by 7:00 am Tuesday morning.

To make a long story short,

After my gall bladder was removed,

{4 years ago}

evidently a stone remained in the bile duct.

A silent, innocent  stone, not hurting anyone till Monday.

It tried to pass but was stuck. Hurting me and

in the process, backing up all liver function

and making it very angry.

Our normal liver enzyme count is 100 something.

On Tuesday, mine ranged between 1,100 and 1,300.

Poor mad liver was messing with all of my organs by this time….

and I was really sick.

So I was in the hospital…for my liver.

Not my scalp.

I had Xrays, sonograms, CT scans, blood panels every two hours,

an MRI, EKG, and a service dog named Buttons

came to visit.

I passed the stone.

I passed that puppy!

I am now recovering from the toll it took on the rest of my body.

I feel wonderful. Just tired.

My scalp is healing. {on my  shaved scalp}

Larry is working in his office at home today.

He just came in the bedroom, I am blogging from bed,

he kissed me and said: you are doing so well.

Can you hear me sigh?

Thank you all, for the notes, flowers, love, texts and prayers.

My cup runneth over.

Love you.