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Bright and Cool

 It is 8:30 am and I am sitting at my work table

trying to plan tomorrow’s dinner and movie.

I know….messy……


I can feel the change in weather.

Autumn is upon us


although I have things to do, places to be, people to see…

I am missing my Pug Girl today.

Goodness she loved this time of year.

The mornings bright and cool,

the nights cuddling on the big bed.

I know that life goes on,

but merde, it is difficult sometimes.

{but how blessed am I to have had such a wonderful life?}

Dear ones,

Have a happy Saturday.

Enjoy your moments and smile when you remember

special moments from the past.

Love you more than candy.


Picky, Picky….


I found this photo today in my camera.

It was taken months ago and I do not remember it.

Toward the end of Libby’s life, she was picky.

She ate her dinner on a  china plate,

with a  paper towel under it.

She was such a great dog…I am missing her very much this week.

{Larry is out of town and I am quite alone}

Finding these photos are killing me….

Love you.


Libby’s Lei

Larry and I have a tradition that upon losing a family member,

we have a ceremony for them while at the beach.

At a special spot near the cottage, we dedicate a lei to our loved one and then to the ocean.

The Lords Prayer and  the hymn Simple Gifts are recited


the lei is shared with the ocean.

In June, we dedicated a lei to Libby Pug Dog.

I am glad that I am posting this story here because I still cry .

After Larry shared the lei….tossing it far to the ocean….it kept coming back to us,

It would lie lazily on the rocks….for about 15 minutes.

Larry Looked at me and frowned. I cried.

At one point, the lei formed a figure 8.

Libby used to run very fast and run in figure 8s.

We smiled.

This went on for awhile. We watched the lei stay close to us

and then in an instant……

Libby’s lei was gone.

We did not see it surface at all again.

It was amazing and sad.

I am still missing my girl…..

but Larry says the grief is getting better every day.

Lets hope so.

Love you.






And This Too…..

Good morning.

It is early Friday morning,

I am heart broken  and missing my dog.

 Eating and sleeping is out of the question.

I was not going to post on the blog today,

until good friends commented about Libby’s best friend.


Libby and Ajax were very close


they loved to terrorize the neighborhood cat.

Ajax is on the left, Libby is on the right


Garfield the mean cat is teasing them.

Bobbie, Ajax’s mother wrote reminding me

that all three of these characters are together in heaven now.

Some things just comfort a soul beyond words.

I am tired.

I am sad


I have amazing moments that border on a crying jag.

This too shall pass….oui?

Love you.


But Here It Is

Wednesday crept up slowly behind me.

I knew it was coming, but did not expect it,

but here it is.

Isn’t it funny how that happens?

Being distracted can be a blessing and a curse.


Yesterday, My Larry and I gave in….

instead of having a special Tuesday Dinner and Movie,

we ate Mexican food in bed and watched the movie Frida.

Larry had never seen it. I have seen it a few times.

{will explain later why I wanted him to see it now}

He liked the movie very much.


Libby slept, front and center, during dinner and a movie.

Frida did not impress her in the least.

We heard from Libby’s Dr yesterday.

Dr S said, that Libby is experiencing kidney failure.

Her kidney failure numbers are high,{from Monday’s blood work}

but Libby is eating, wetting, drinking water

and all things old girl puppies do on a regular basis.

We have another appointment with Dr S today.

Larry and I will leave Libby at home and visit with the DR.


Thank you for the sweet comments here on Blog.

Your thoughts and support means the world to both Larry and myself.

{ I read all notes and messages out loud to him}

Last night, Larry was standing in the bedroom doorway.

He was holding Libby in his arms and said:

This is why 16 years ago I told you, no more dogs.

He smiled and then said:

I am sure glad that you did not listen to me.

I am glad that it  is Wednesday.

Love you beyond the blessings known as our pets.


It Felt Beautiful

Sunday, Dinner and Movie was postponed. Again.

I was ready to try this new recipe


to be honest, disappointed that dinner did not happen.

Yesterday morning, Libby fell out of the big bed.

She has fallen out one or twice over the years

but has never hurt herself.

Yesterday, she was hurt and had to go see her DR.

Libby has nothing broken and is on pain pills.

While Dr S was checking Libby out, she noticed Libby’s breath.

They are doing tests on her kidneys today.

I could just cry.


I took loopy-Libby out to wet this morning

and the garden was damp from the spring rain.

It felt beautiful.


Yesterday, when My Larry bought the mail in,

he handed me a package and said: Happy Birthday!

I said: What?  My birthday is not till June.

He said: If I give this to you now, I have an excuse to get you something else.

This yarn and pattern was on my Elfster Wish List

and he bought it for me!  I am going to start it today!

{knitting always relaxes me and “centers” me}

Larry, Thank you!

I love you beyond Kitterly {the yarn shop}


I love you beyond the moon.


Birds or Planes?

Yesterday, before it rained, Larry had many guests at the bird feeders.

He  took this picture from the big kitchen window,

where he leaves his camera now.

The colors thrill me and inspire me to paint.

I realized that If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes.

~Charles Lindbergh~

Thank you all for the kind messages about Libby.

She is asleep now, but doing ok.

Love you.