Lemoncello Confessions, Brocants and Girls from Roma

It is hard to believe that last Sunday, I was still in France. Packed and ready to come home, but still there.

I have been thinking about my last day in Paris. Knowing that it will be months before I return.

We had a light breakfast and left the apartment to go to the brocant. {flea market}


Larry bought Lauren a sweet painting. The ARTist was such a nice man. His work is wonderful.


I found this awesome ’70’s dress for Jami.

But….I left it there. The dress was a lot cutier in person,

but Jami would have hated it.


I fell in love with this tablecloth. With MY initials! It was 90 E. To much money.

Sad face.


I met this pig. I LOVED the pig. The booth was selling healthy lozenges.

The money goes to the animal rescue.

Of course we bought some.

I loved that pig so much.


French kiddos were running and skipping all over the place.

It made me miss Matilda.

Then we met the girls from Roma  for dinner.

We ate at Tribeca, a family favorite on rue Cler.

Our good friend managed this restaurant for many years,

but has moved on. Paul Merot….we miss you!


At Tribeca, we had lemoncello confessions.

{a story for another time. Besides, my lips are sealed}

 Rebekah and Danielle. You two were so sweet.

Thank you for taking time to visit with us. of course your confessions are secret


After strolling the market, having dinner at Tribeca and lemoncello confessions,

we walked toward the METRO station to hug the girls good bye.

{they would go back to Roma early the next morning}

When we got to the METRO, we hugged the Rome Girls,

and that is when they said:

It is 5 min till  9:00.

The Eiffel will light up soon and we are going to see it light up!

They hugged us again and ran into the Paris night.

I looked at Larry and he said:

they will text if they need us….

We will never forget watching them run toward Champs de Mars.

Happy giggles and so much energy.

After so many years of going to France….I am always inspired and want more.

Till next year….I will be counting the days.

Love you beyond the Eiffel Tower lit up…