Brain Or Heart?

He bought me PJ’s.

They are cuddly and cute,

but most of all they are warm.

Photo: New Pajamas-for me! Do you see the heart? {Nordstrom}

Where in our brain or heart, is thoughtfulness located?

Why are some  people more thoughtful than others?

I am married to a selfless, thoughtful man.

I want to be more like him.

Is there someone special in your life

who you would like to be more like?

Have you told them?

Love you.


Who’s Turn Is It Anyway?

Last night, sleep eluded me.

My body ached as I tossed and turned

and then it happened.

It started raining.

After months of drought, we had rain.

It was lovely.

Larry and I held hands as we listened the rain fall.


Larry and I have become a bit goofy in our old age.

{and him being so busy with work that we cannot sit and play an entire game}

We now play one game of chess over days/weeks.

Photo: Chess game in progress. This game has been going on three days.

This is how it works:

Light color goes first, {Larry is usually light}

We do not sit at the chess table,

after he moves, he puts this tiny carved  mouse and turtle

on my side of the board, indicating that he took his turn


for me to move.

Photo: small carving that Jamison gave to Larry one Christmas. She paired the gift with a magnifying glass. I remembered how charmed Larry was with the gift.

Sometimes I will walk by that blasted board ten times

before I notice that he took his turn


if he did move, what did he move?

I am not known for my talent at chess,


I enjoy the process.

I learned how to play 5 years ago,

after my breast cancer diagnosis.

{Promising myself yoga and chess}

I have not mastered either, but I enjoy both very much.

I just took my turn on the chess board….

Larry if you are reading this while in Dallas,

you lost your  knight. {sorry}

Love you beyond the moon.


Afternoon Of Sighs

Yesterday we saw the movie, An Affair to Remember at the theater.

The theater was full and the movie was wonderful. As always.

We came home and had a picnic in the gazebo.

Dinner was one of Larry’s cheese plates

and Champagne.

It was an afternoon of sighs.

{my dessert was a glass of Godiva chocolate liquor.

I tracked the Weight Watcher points, then drank every drop}

The afternoon went by so fast….to fast.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Today’s love quote:

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

~hermann hesse~


The quote above is for My Larry.

Out of all the people in my life,

he is the one who has taught me most about love.

Love you beyond the moon Larry.


Dear Al Jarreau and Random Observations

I promise that there were a dozen birds at the feeder 5 minutes ago.

They leave so fast…

Shadows on the wall are oddly long this morning


I learned yesterday that dear, wonderful, Al Jarreau is ill.

There was a message on the computer

from a friend who knows that we adore Mr Jarreau.




Dear Al,

May I call you Al? I feel as if I have known you for thirty years.

 I would like to thank you for one evening….. one in particular.

It was a cold evening in Paris.

November 2016.

Larry and I arrived at the Olympia Theater


were delighted that our seats were so close to the stage.

We held hands and waited.

When you were announced…the audience gave you a standing ovation.

Tears crept to the corners of my eyes.

Larry squeezed my hand

and the rest of the evening felt like a wonderful dream.

We still talk about you and that amazing evening.

We listen to your music and quietly feel inspired.

Isn’t it amazing how

ARTists have the ability to touch people who need a gentle hug?

The past year, was dismal. Really dismal.

2016 will not be remembered for many happy things for us,

except a charming evening in Paris.

With My Larry and Al Jarreau.

We send love and healing thoughts.

Please remember, that if you smile in your sleep,

the angels shall adore you.



Love you.