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Team Believe and Early Detection

Good morning dear ones.

My Larry has declared this an anniversary.

Last year, on this date, I was 5 years cancer free.

I have been informed that now the celebrations REALLY  start.

{Larry is so amazing}

Six years ago, my tumor was removed…


I have stayed breast cancer free since that day.

 My breast cancer was discovered, because a friend had been diagnosed.

It was in her honor, that I had a random mammogram.

It is that mammogram, that i had “by chance”

that we found  my tumor.

Now, I need you to do me a favor. Please.

If you have not had a screening this year, please go?

Remind your friends, women and men.

Early detection saved my life.

It saved my life.

Love you.


Komen Race For The Cure

I cannot believe that that the North Texas Komen Race For The Cure is over for this year. (2018)

With the help of my friends, I raised $1,302.08.

Rosemary G. won the donation quilt. (congratulations!)

I walked the 5K holding Larry’s hand….oh yes,

and Matilda’s hand too.

Larry asked me what ART I will donate/auction off next year. Who knows?

All suggestions are  welcome.

Thank you dear friends, for the support, prayers, love and friendship.

Life is so much better with you part of my life.

Love you.



Sunday, Dinner and Movie

It is a foggy Monday Morning.

I have been tired and sad.

Such is life, oui?

Yesterday, Larry took me to the Dallas Arboretum for an “airing”…..

It was perfection.

We came home and I made dinner.

Whole roasted chicken, rice, salad and cake for dessert

Photo: Half chicken and rice
Photo: Salad
Photo: Angel Food cake and strawberries

The movie for Sunday was PICNIC.

A 1955 classic.


I would like to thank the awesome people who

have donated to Komen Race For The Cure in my name.

I will be writing to you personally, but till then,

I send crushing hugs.

I am honored to be remembered  in such a way.

Love you,




It Is That Time

My friends and family know the story.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, June 2012.

This past year,  2017, was the end of 5 years of treatment!

My journey does not stop there.

We found my cancer by EARLY DETECTION


Larry and I support any organization who funds Mammograms

for women who cannot afford a screening.

So, it is that time.

I would love your support .

Donation,  Joining Larry and myself at the race {we walk},

We have the BEST time….

Photo: My girls at the KOMEN race for the cure

prayers, or just by being a good friend.

A quilt, will be auctioned  with all proceeds going to Komen…. stay tuned.

Or support me by getting your mammogram.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart….

as my friends and family never fail to amaze me.

My Komen page is HERE

Thank you again…love you.