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Chocolate For Your Soul


In Paris, this year,

our picnic day was dreary and drizzly.

But, the Champagne was perfection


our lunch extraordinary.

But, I LOVE the Champagne bottle.

photo: The PERFECT Champagne bottle

Did I say LOVE?

The winery, said the bottle is the same

as they used  100 years ago.

How awesome is THAT?

I asked my  Larry if I could borrow the bottle

for the holidays.

Then he will remove the label for his wine book

after the new year.

Look for a photo of the bottle

as I plan to use it at one of our parties.


This holiday, I seem

to be having a problem with expectations.

Not mine, but other peoples.

It is the time of year when people

expect so much, while forgetting

how awful they were to you just months ago.

One of the things cancer taught me  was,

never waste your time on people

who do not care enough about you

to be kind.

Being kind is  easy and it feels so good….

It is like chocolate for your soul.

Today I will find a candle for the awesome champagne bottle,

and do something kind for someone….

{and I know who!}

Please enjoy your day.

Love you BEYOND the moon


Perhaps I Can

It was a lovely weekend.

We worked around the house,

met  friends, Karen & John for dinner on Saturday


went to the country for dinner last night.

There was a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 month old

{the 4 year old and the 2 month old are the

children of Lauren and Josh’s best friends}

at dinner.

I loved it.

I sat on the patio for hours,

enjoying the air,

the sounds of children,

delicious food


watching my family in the early autumn night.

I was very thankful.

Matilda held baby Salma.


This morning I hold Las Vegas in my heart and prayers.

After my wonderful  evening, last night,

I find it difficult to imagine such hate.

Where does a hard heart come from?

Today, perhaps I can do one kind thing

for someone who is angry or down or just needs a smile,

Love you beyond the moon.