At Shipwrecks Beach, Kaua’i

Last week, Larry and I took one of our favorite hikes.

It is along the cliffs at Shipwrecks on Kaua’i and is very beautiful.

After our hike, we found a log and sat.

Larry, not being one who sits  still for any length of time, was antsy.

I said : If I was braver, I would find my way to that cave  in the cliff.

He said: what cave?

I pointed, and off he went. {men}

Here he is making his way to the cave in the cliff.

I was kind of scared for him and jealous.

I was more jealous after he made it to the cave

Just look at him waving. Show off.

I could not resist a close up…..When he came back to where I was sitting,

I asked him what the cave was like?

He said that it was sandy and had a nice view.

I think that next year, I will plan a picnic in that cave.

Imagine that.

And he can take MY picture while I am in the cave.


Thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes.

It has been a wonderful birthday!

Love you.


Outside of Honolulu

I went far away but am home now.

While away, we smiled, laughed, exercised and created ART.

But…there is something  special about being home.

{my own bed being the best!}

I have 100 photos to share,


today jet lag is assaulting each of my senses,

so most of photos must wait…except one. Photo above was taken by me

outside of Honolulu a few weeks ago. I love the fog. {like my jet lag fog}

I wish you happy moments today.

Love you.







Libby’s Lei

Larry and I have a tradition that upon losing a family member,

we have a ceremony for them while at the beach.

At a special spot near the cottage, we dedicate a lei to our loved one and then to the ocean.

The Lords Prayer and  the hymn Simple Gifts are recited


the lei is shared with the ocean.

In June, we dedicated a lei to Libby Pug Dog.

I am glad that I am posting this story here because I still cry .

After Larry shared the lei….tossing it far to the ocean….it kept coming back to us,

It would lie lazily on the rocks….for about 15 minutes.

Larry Looked at me and frowned. I cried.

At one point, the lei formed a figure 8.

Libby used to run very fast and run in figure 8s.

We smiled.

This went on for awhile. We watched the lei stay close to us

and then in an instant……

Libby’s lei was gone.

We did not see it surface at all again.

It was amazing and sad.

I am still missing my girl…..

but Larry says the grief is getting better every day.

Lets hope so.

Love you.






The Flag and The Note

While at the beach each year,

we hike to a special spot, taking an American flag with us,

While at the top of the mountain,

Larry hangs a flag and note on the lean to.

The note asks a Veteran to accept this flag

in honor of our Uncle Bruce.

Bruce was one of my favorite people in the world


this is our way of remembering him and honoring him each year.

In the note, I ask a veteran to write to us if he or she feels comfortable.

The past years, I have always heard from the recipient of the flag.

Our 2017 hike, on Kaua’i, was two weeks ago


I have not heard from anyone. ……Yet.

But I hope we hear something soon.


Life at home is getting back to normal.

Jet lag is diminishing,

we miss Libby pug dog like crazy


Camp Robi starts again tomorrow.

Onward and upward!

Please do me a favor?

Today, tell someone special in your life how much they mean to you.

Love you, YOU are special.


On Top Of The Mountain

Two days ago, on Sunday morning,

Jami came over for a visit.

I was glad for the visit, that morning, when I woke up

all I could think about

was my Uncle Bruce….distraction! I needed distraction!

Jamison brought her dogs and we sat out on the garden,

enjoying the morning and having tea.

At one point, Cooper, her Golden Retriever acted a bit strange.

{she kept looking to the sky}

It is like she saw something…Jami got a great picture of the moment.

We had such a good visit, and after Jami went home

My Larry and I had errands to do.

You know, the dreaded Wall Mart on Sunday errands.

It is then we found it.

Bruce’s Flag.

This is our favorite flag….it is good fabric, embroidered stars and each stripe is sewn. Sometimes it is difficult to find this brand.


Each year, at the beach, Larry and I take a special hike.

we call it :The Uncle’s Hike.

At the top of the mountain, an hour into the hike,

is a lean-to.

We have a picnic,


then tack a flag to the side of the shed, with a note.

The note and the flag are left for a veteran,

in honor of my Beloved Uncle Bruce.

Bruce was a Veteran also.

So each year, we leave a flag at the top of the mountain

in memory of one of the greatest men I have ever known.

I must mention, on the note, I include my email address.

Who ever takes the flag, is welcome to write to me.

All 5 years, I have heard back from the recipient of the flag.

{how awesome is that?}

Here is Larry with last years flag…and the note…

before we headed down the mountain.


I wish you special moments of closeness.

Just like having tea in the garden or thinking about my Uncle Bruce.

Love you and special moments.