Dear Katie Couric, Welcome to Team Believe

Dear Katie Couric,

Good morning. My name is Robin Tolbert, and I have been thinking about you since the announcement came out this week, sharing that you had been diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and treatment. I wanted to officially welcome you to Team Believe.

It is October 1st and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month has begun. Each October, I agitate my readers with statistics and reminders to have their screenings. Early detection saves lives, it has saved mine twice.

My first experience was almost exactly like yours. (even the timing of surgery and treatment) My tumor was also bigger than expected, like yours and treatment identical. I am so glad that you are doing well and moving forward in the best way possible. It is often difficult after hearing the word cancer. Life will never quite be the same.

I am the Mother of two beautiful daughters and one amazing granddaughter. Along with my husband, sons in laws and loving friends, we make up the very supportive and positive TEAM BELIEVE.

Photo: Team Believe~Robin and daughters~ From Left: Lauren, Robin, Matilda and Jamison.

During this process, life has dramatic ups and downs. To be a survivor, it is just part of the job. Surrounding yourself with people who understand, is a gift you can give yourself…but I am sure that you already know these things.

Well, Katie. here is what I have learned being a two time survivor: Do everything that your DR says, Listen to your body, Laugh out loud every day, Share your breast cancer experience with others, Cry when you feel like it-cancer is NOT FAIR, and remember that love is the best medicine.

Thank you for allowing me to write to you on the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month and know that so many of us have you in our thoughts and prayers as your continue your breast cancer journey.

Welcome to TEAM BELIEVE….

Always, Robin