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Titles and Soundtracks

Last week, while DR M was stitching me up after surgery on my scalp., we had a discussion about books.

I said: When I admire someone, I love to get book titles from them.

Then the funniest thing happened. He  started telling me what medical journals he was reading.

It made me smile because I do admire him and his sense of humor.

He then asked me what I was reading.

I said: Cider House Rules.

He said: Michael Caine!

I said: Better yet! Rachael Portman wrote the music!

Dr M said: ahhhhhh

I love Cider House. I love John Irving and Michael Caine. Rachael Portman is one of my favorite composers.

Last night after dinner was consumed, meds taken, My Larry and I settled in bed and we watched The Cider House Rules. My head was on his chest and his arms were tight around me as we watched Dr Larch and Homer Wells.

It was the marked end of a crappy week.

 I am so very grateful for the love and care around me.

Thank you Jamison for cuddling in bed and watching Moana with me.

Thank you Lars, Josh & Matilda for coming for a short visit and for the french pastries.

Thank you Debbie and Lew. You made dinner for us. It is so appreciated and it is the first complete meal I have eaten all week.

{not to mention it was delicious!}

Have a good day dear ones.

Love you.