New Years Eve

This past New Years weekend was happy. I think that it made up for such a difficult holiday. Larry and I did not go to the Dallas Symphony on New Years Eve. We looked at our tickets and agreed that it would not be a good idea to go. There were terrible storms in Dallas and to be honest, we just wanted to stay home and be together.

We dressed up and took pictures….

Photo: Larry & Robin~ New Years Eve 2020

Then we got into our PJ’s….. ate popcorn and drank Champagne in bed. We stayed awake till 1:00 am 2021.


All thank you notes have been delivered to the post office this morning. I was going to put them into the mail box, but I wanted them to go out as soon as possible.

Photo: Thank you notes and mask for the post office

I feel grateful today. There is so much good ahead of us and I am here to take part in the history that will be 2021.

Photo: Dead Zinnias in the winter sun.

Last week, I video chatted with friends far away. One of my friends in the UK, made me feel ok that I was not taking photos or even looking for fun shots anymore. The photo above is for him. I took it this morning, in the back garden.

Who inspires you or who do you inspire? I think that it is a gift to be inspired and to inspire….

Have the BEST day ever.

Love you beyond the moon.


Looking Up

Yesterday, I started a painting. It felt good opening tubes of oil paints and putting pigment on canvas. When a person starts a painting, it is unknown how important the painting will be.

Just like when I woke up today. Who knows what today will hold. Will it be a day to remember, or just one of the many that make up the tapestry of who we are.

Photo: London 2019

What inspires you? What do you “do” when inspired?

Love you beyond the moon.