Melanoma Is An Ugly Word


Photo: Matilda and Larry

It is almost 6:00 am.

Larry and I are dressed and ready to go.

Today he will have skin cancer surgery,

for an early stage melanoma that will be removed


lots of extra cells taken for biopsy.

Larry is definitely a child of the ’60-70’s.

Sunburns, tan and no SPF.

Now, Larry is a Man, Father, Grandfather of the 2000’s.

He is being pro-active and accountable.

I cannot tell you how attractive that is.

Melanoma is an ugly word, don’t you think?

Please take care of you for the people who love you.

It means the world.

Love you beyond the stitches.


In Our Own Way

On the evening of the Oscar awards,

Larry and I celebrated in our own way.

Photo: Oscar evening cheese plate

It was nice.

We chatted, watched the awards show…and enjoyed dinner.

It was a special break in these crazy winter days.


This past month, I have been struggling with the side effects of my new medicines.

Larry has been wonderful.

He is supportive, positive, cheerful and keeps my mind busy.

What would I do without him?


I just finished 5 years  of breast cancer treatments

and now,

now I am so angry that I have to deal with diabetes.

So mad.

Medicine every day, finger picks daily too.

Not to mention  worrying about  food intake and foot problems.

Larry is my hero. I love him more every day.

Larry, when you read this today,

know that I appreciate you with all of my heart

and that I apologise for being angry right now.

I will get over it soon. Promise.

Love you beyond the moon.


At The Time

This week in San Antonio was wonderful.

The above shot was taken from the sweet balcony off of our living room.

It made me sigh…….

The city holds many memories for me, good and bad,

but I love it so much.

We have good friends who live there


favorite restaurants.

Larry took me to our favorite

on Wednesday night.

We sat inside, but our window overlooked the Riverwalk


we could hear the Mariachi playing outside.

I sat across from Larry

and we talked.

A lot.

We talked of life, love and  the happy things in our lives.

I have come to the conclusion that

just being with Larry, wherever in the world,

is my favorite  place at that time.

Right now, we are home….

my favorite!

Love you.




Deflated, But Not For Long

I was taking to someone close yesterday and said:

Next week is our 40th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it?

The person I was talking to said:

Yes, you have mentioned that before.

It made me feel deflated and sad.

Perhaps I need to talk to people like that.

But, talking to someone like that makes me feel bad.

What do you do?

Do you let people insult you after you have been kind to them?

Are you rude back to them?

Do you stay away from them?

I am always hurt when someone is rude.

Being rude to anyone is discounting them, to make yourself feel better.


Thank you for listening.

Love you more than candy.