So Much More

Yesterday was utterly miserable without Larry, while he was out of town on business. I missed hearing him in his office and when he would take a break to go to the kitchen and get junk food for energy. The house was creepy, quiet all day.

Larry and I have been married 41 years. Can you imagine being with someone that long? I cannot imagine my life without him all this time. How lucky have I been?

Photo: Larry & Robin breakfast at the apartment, Paris 2018

He takes me on adventures, supports me one hundred percent, loves me unconditionally inspires my ART…..and so much, much more.

Who can ask more than that?

Hurry home my love.

Love you.


Outside of Honolulu

I went far away but am home now.

While away, we smiled, laughed, exercised and created ART.

But…there is something  special about being home.

{my own bed being the best!}

I have 100 photos to share,


today jet lag is assaulting each of my senses,

so most of photos must wait…except one. Photo above was taken by me

outside of Honolulu a few weeks ago. I love the fog. {like my jet lag fog}

I wish you happy moments today.

Love you.







Orangina and Patisseries

Libby threw up on the bed very early this morning. After all of the vacation laundry I did yesterday, today was to be a non-laundry day. Insert my frown face here.

Last week, while in France, My Larry would go to the patisserie for our breakfast while I slept in. He would bring back our favorite, raisin pain. I would drink tea or diet Coke {in my new mug} and of course Larry drank Orangina while we had breakfast at the table by the window. Larry only drinks wine and Orangina while in Paris. To be honest, he is like a man possessed about Orangina. It is kind of funny.


One day, I walked to the patisserie and took a picture of our neighborhood from the tables in front. It is a lovely area, with families and kiddos on push scooters. Happy family voices choosing bread and pastries for the day. I wish that I spoke French better than I do…



After twenty years of trips to Europe, I love the feeling of home. My appreciation for life is magnified during and upon return from any trip for me.

This past year was not a happy one for our family. My view of some people is somewhat jaded. The good news is, My favorite color is green and I adore Jade….going away was once again a blessing for us. Being away. Not thinking about how hurtful people can be and how a lovely family can be fractured by the actions of one outsider.

I am happy. Larry is awesome. We are ready for busy holiday weekends and remembering that the the joy of this season  is because of love and forgiveness.

Love and Forgiveness.

Love you.