French Doors For Naught

By April, we usually have our

Thankful Cards for the year designed and made.

I hand make all 75 of them.

My Larry and I alternate years  designing them

and this is my year to design the card.

While on holiday last fall,

planning this years card I had a great idea.

I would pick out a charming French door

and take Larry to it, kiss him good. Real good,

then take a photo of the door.

All of the doors  would be what this years card

would be designed around.

I took a dozen photos,

gave My Larry two dozen kisses

but the design just did not translate.


But, yesterday, I had an idea.

I studied card designs while I knit…and before I knew it…progress.

So I scrapped the kissing-doorway idea….

I ordered all of my materials and photos.

Relief has set in.

2017’s card is going to be great.

Now to tell Larry that we  kissed

in front of all those doorways in Paris for nothing.

Yes, I am smiling….the rest of this post will remain personal.

Love you.