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Paris and London Love

On Sunday, for Mothers day,

we had perfect seats at the play,

The Little Mermaid.

Matilda was on the first row with her Mother.

Larry, Jamison and I sat on the second row.

We were so close to the actors,

that I often forgot

that I was at a performance.

It was the best Mothers Day ever.


Last evening, Larry brought in the mail.

Lots of ads, one note from a friend


a package.

A package from a  sweet friend far away.

I opened the package to find

a scarf that is amazing.

{Paris & London love}

The note was filled with all things I needed to hear

{thank you Kim….you are the best}


I cried.

Isn’t life interesting?

I get my life in order,

ending 5 years of breast cancer treatment, check ups and meds,

Larry is in a job he adores,


my ART is better than ever.

I personally think

that God lets me know who is in charge.

{and it isn’t me}

Life is interesting…and wonderful.

Love you.