Brain Or Heart?

He bought me PJ’s.

They are cuddly and cute,

but most of all they are warm.

Photo: New Pajamas-for me! Do you see the heart? {Nordstrom}

Where in our brain or heart, is thoughtfulness located?

Why are some  people more thoughtful than others?

I am married to a selfless, thoughtful man.

I want to be more like him.

Is there someone special in your life

who you would like to be more like?

Have you told them?

Love you.


Happy In My Heart

The weekend was lovely.

It stared on Friday, dinner date with Larry at a brew-pub.

On Saturday, Larry hosted a dinner party in Dallas

for the executives at one of his accounts.

It was so much fun….great restaurant, people and wine.

Then, on Sunday, the Family came to the cottage

for one last Christmas.

We had lunch, conversation and gifts.

Photo: Luncheon with family

It felt special.

It felt real and not cluttered with HOLIDAY,

If you know what I  mean.

Photo: Matilda and Jamison with the painting Matilda painted for Jimmers

Photo:Lauren with dog sculpture

Photo: Josh with new mug

Photo: Thank you for the Champagne AGGIE! It was perfection! Is this photo blurry?

So, now, Christmas is over

and I had a very wonderful weekend

filled with special moments and people.

I feel happy in my heart.

Love you.


Like Crazy


Have you ever been in love?

{don’t you adore that Peter Cetera song?}

I have been in love with the same man for 2/3 rds of my life. {over forty years}

I never get tired of him or his voice.

When he is away, like he is today…I want to stay still till he comes home.

Then I can move again.

Hurry home, sir.

Missing you like crazy.

Love you beyond heart shaped leaves on the sidewalks of Paris.