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Libby’s Lei

Larry and I have a tradition that upon losing a family member,

we have a ceremony for them while at the beach.

At a special spot near the cottage, we dedicate a lei to our loved one and then to the ocean.

The Lords Prayer and  the hymn Simple Gifts are recited


the lei is shared with the ocean.

In June, we dedicated a lei to Libby Pug Dog.

I am glad that I am posting this story here because I still cry .

After Larry shared the lei….tossing it far to the ocean….it kept coming back to us,

It would lie lazily on the rocks….for about 15 minutes.

Larry Looked at me and frowned. I cried.

At one point, the lei formed a figure 8.

Libby used to run very fast and run in figure 8s.

We smiled.

This went on for awhile. We watched the lei stay close to us

and then in an instant……

Libby’s lei was gone.

We did not see it surface at all again.

It was amazing and sad.

I am still missing my girl…..

but Larry says the grief is getting better every day.

Lets hope so.

Love you.