Busy Hands…..

For Christmas this year

I made many of the gifts we gave.

I designed and executed a sweater for Matilda.

It was so much fun to make,

Yesterday, she invited me to meet her

at a Mall in Frisco, Texas.

AND there she was, in her sweater!

She  was so cute about it


I could  not help being happy to see her in it.


Photo: detail of sweater design


Photo: we had lunch at PDQ. here we are waiting for lunch

 Christmas is not over


I have two gifts that I am still working on.

Thank you, patient family members…

Soon. Soon! I promise.


Photo: Custom coat for Jamison. She picked out the materials before Christmas.

Today, I will work on Jamison’s coat in the morning.

I will work on Josh’s sweater in the afternoon.

And for dinner we will have street tacos.

Great plan, yes? {happy face}

Happy New Year!

Love you beyond the moon.


The Sea Glass

I have not been sleeping  well.

so, I have been working.

Yesterday I took sea glass that I found on Kaua’i

{ brought the pieces of glass home in a little bag

and drilled holes in the smooth pieces}

and made a necklace.

This is my design.

The fun thing is, I get to work

color, beads and glass from the sea.

Happy things.

The materials I use are so lovely they make me smile.

This necklace is for a good friend

who is thoughtful and nurturing.

She lived in Houston and has been stung,

along with the rest of us,

by this unreal disaster named Hurricane Harvey.

Today is the day to let your loved ones

and friends, know how much you care.

Well, at least, that is my plan.

Love you beyond the sea glass…..