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Picky, Picky….


I found this photo today in my camera.

It was taken months ago and I do not remember it.

Toward the end of Libby’s life, she was picky.

She ate her dinner on a  china plate,

with a  paper towel under it.

She was such a great dog…I am missing her very much this week.

{Larry is out of town and I am quite alone}

Finding these photos are killing me….

Love you.


Larry Started Smiling

It is Tuesday alright, but geeze.

Will I ever learn?

 I made a commitment

for Larry and I at attend an event last evening,

in Fairview, Texas.

It was a Dallas FT Worth Pug Rescue event.

*I had read  an article about grieving. It said,

“Keep moving forward, It may hurt sometimes, 

but you will work your way past it.”

So we moved forward.

It was a great event, at nice pizza restaurant….

on the patio.

We got to the restaurant, Larry saw all of the pugs


the look on his face was pure sadness.

I wanted to cry looking at his face.


We ordered wine, salads, pizza and I promise

Larry started smiling soon enough.

Because a Great Pyrenees rescued him.

Who else but us, could go to a Pug Rescue event

and be rescued by a Great Pyrenees Dog?

You know,

life is pretty amazing.

Love you.