Yesterday and Today’s Post

Below you will find the post I wrote yesterday.

I am just adding a note to it for today…..

I am doing laundry


cleaning out the guest bedroom  closet.

{Piles: Throw away. Donate and keep!}

Have a lovely Monday.

Love you.


Photo: My Paris view while drinking hot chocolate. November 27th 2017

I am beyond blessed.

I know this.

My days are spent









This  list could go on for days.


I have a question for you.

You are in a situation where someone is disrespecting you.

Do you stay quiet while feeling like a simpering idiot


do you speak up, empowering yourself

and feeling a badly for falling into the pit

of bad manners while defending yourself?

Just asking.


I am blessed and loved BEYOND the moon.

Please do not make me  feel guilty

because you are unhappy and angry.

People that do that cannot be in my life.



Like Butterfly Wings

Yesterday was a strange day.

After a moment of sunlight in the morning,

the day became gloomy and bitter cold.

I had a million errands to do,

worried about Libby


a new recipe to try.

By four o’clock PM, I was antsy and sad.

It is then when I grabbed my coat  and took a walk.

A three mile walk.

It felt awesome and cleared my head.

When I arrived back at the cottage,

I stopped by the mail-box.

In the pile of catalogs and mail

I found a note….

a lovely note from a dear friend, very far away.

The paper is covered with filmy fabric,

much like butterfly wings.

The note was from our dear friend, Kevin.

Kevin, like so many of us had an interesting 2016.

He wrote, thanking us for friendship and love.

How on earth, did he know I needed that,

at the very moment I opened it?

I believe that is called…friendship.

Thank you Kevin.

Love you beyond butterfly wings.