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Chicken Casserole, Baked Custard and Other Things

Yesterday was filled with lovely.

Lovely food, lovely moments and lovely people.

My heart is full.

There is something special about people who truly care about you.

Not love, CARE. {it is very different}

Our breakfast was perfect.

{I even baked custard for breakfast!}

The tablecloth was signed….


and this morning, I pulled from the freezer,

chicken casserole for dinner tonight.

I have a busy day today.

My Larry is home from Houston


life is pretty wonderful.

Love you beyond fresh strawberries.

Me, me me……


Not For My Sake

It was a beautiful weekend.

The long days gave me time to putz around The Cottage,

getting chores


ART/reading/sewing/needlework/knitting done.

My Larry has been a little over-protective,

frightened to leave my side.

I hope that passes soon, for his sake,

not for my sake,

because I kind of like him being around all of the time.

On Saturday, I rested, watched a documentary and basketball

because we were meeting friends for dinner.

This sweet Italian restaurant is in Hurst, Texas


the couple we met for dinner are wonderful.

We laughed and talked a lot….it was a nice evening.

The kind of evening that fills your soul.

Tippi and Paul, you both are wonderful, good friends.


Sunday was dinner and movie.

I had dinner planned but no movie so….

we ended up watching “As Good As It Gets”. Again.

Salmon, potatoes and green beans.

Larry insisted on Champagne to make it a celebration.


As I look back over this weekend, one thing stands out.

How blessed Larry and I are.

Our little cottage, good friends, health



Blessings abound.

Love you.