It Is All In The Perspective


It is good to b e home, but…..

how can I explain my moments while in France?

Each November for many years,

escaping with the love of my life

gives me many things.

A perspective of life.



New and old friends.


So much more,

and as in the photo above,

playing chess with Larry.

{he was setting up the board}

The above photo is my photo….

the photo below is Larry’s.

Larry’s memory is different than mine.

{we had panini, crisps and wine for lunch}

The chess game was a draw.

Imagine how I could have beat him

if I had not been drinking wine.

It is all in the perspective…..

Love you beyond the moon,




Dear Al Jarreau


Dear Al Jarreau,  Last Tuesday evening, Larry and I were at the Olympia Theater in Paris with you.  You had been singing for about 8 minutes when Larry leaned over to me and said: I am hooked. The concert hall was filled with true fans, needing to hear jazz as it is/was meant to be presented. Larry held my hand and we watched you. Mesmerized.

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. With so much to be thankful for already, I was in awe of the absolute joy that surrounded me in the Olympia. Joy, adoration, a big band, your organic jazz, love and yes, I saw you cry.


Why is it that time goes so fast during times of shared inspiration? I hope that I will always remember that evening. You shared your ART and shared your love. What more can an ARTist do?

Merci Beaucoup M. Jarreau~Love you beyond the Moonlight. Me